Saturday, December 06, 2008

Westgate Lights

It's the Westgate Christmas lights fair today and there's everything from ice-skating - a temporary rink - to candy floss and childrens' rides happening in Station Road.

I've been wandering back and forth taking photos which you can find here and now I'm off out again to take some more.

A good day's trade perhaps for local character 'Victor' from Romania, selling the 'Big Issue' outside Somerfield, his regular spot - he tells me he has seven children to support - and great to see our ex-community warden, Tony Bailey back in town to help, if only temporarily. He's sorely missed by the community!

The weather is perfect and everyone involved has done a fantastic job in making this event a success for yet another year. Angelo's is doing a roaring trade in roasted chestnuts and bacon sandwiches and there's even free mulled wine on offer at Mr Bell's off-license as well!

1 comment:

Major said...

I have not spotted Victor myself, but is he really homeless as I naiively thought sellers of the Big Issue were meant to be?
Is our benefits system now failing even social security tourists such as he?
I speak as a person with over 20 full years National Insurance contributions (and quite a few partial years as well) who has been refused ANY benefits as, through ill health, I didn't have enough contributions in the last 2 years and have finally been forced to give up work short of retirement age.
Maybe I should be selling the Big Issue?
Worth considering.