Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the Beach

Being more than a little curious, I wandered down to the beach this afternoon to take a photograph of the ship moored in St Mildred's Bay.

I can't recall seeing one of such a size this close to the beach before and at low-tide, if a passing Dover Sole can squeeze under the keel, then it would be doing well. My immediate guess is that it's aground on the sandbank or very close to it and won't be going anywhere until the next high tide.

Perhaps its packed full of secret Santas just waiting to paddle ashore at the next low tide? Remember. it's only a few years since I discovered, to my surprise, a fully dressed gentlemen of Middle-eastern appearance swimming in, from about the same distance, as I kayaked off-shore one summer's evening.

So, if you spot any damp and suspicious-looking Santa Claus characters wearing leather jackets and trainers and the obligatory beard and red and white disguise, asking for directions to London, then it may be a clue!


DrMoores said...

Reader Geoff writes:

"Just read your blog this morning, and I thought you might be interested to know that the ship is the Dutch registered coaster John Friedrich K, and surprisingly it is anchored quite safely in at least 10 metres of water, probably nicely sheltered for the festive season."

DrMoores said...

Thanks Geoff. I was flying about today and had a good look at the ship from above. Her cargo holds are quite empty which s why she's floating so high in the water.

A rather boring place to be for the crew I expect unless they plan to come ashore and sample the fleshpots of Westgate!