Friday, December 12, 2008

An Icy Morning at Gatwick

If you wondered why Manston appeared rather busy on Thursday morning, it was because of a 'SNAFU' at Gatwick, which caused a number of passenger jets to divert in to Thanet.

More than a hundred planes were grounded and up to 2,000 passengers were left stranded after ice and light snow closed Gatwick's single runway for four hours.

The closure started around 6am and was over shortly after 10:30am, by which time at least 100 inbound and outbound flights had been affected, all because they forgot to de-ice the runway which they only started to clear after 6am, far too late for the in-bound aircraft stacking above Kent.

A spokesman for the Met Office said Gatwick did not subscribe to its Open Runway service, which would have flagged up the conditions. 'I don't know where they get their weather reports from,' added the spokesman.


Major said...

Interesting word you use there Simon - "Snafu" -

I always thought it was an acronym, especially as the last two letters of the name suggest that it refers to something not working correctly.

However I was informed last week that it was the name of an Egyptian Pharoah who was well known for having construction problems with pyramids.

DrMoores said...

I think it was actualy Senefru but of course there are no vowels in Egyptian so so it would be SNFR which is the French national railway company!