Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Great Westwood Rush

Westwood appears to be busy this afternoon but what I noticed is that the 'Fast-fix' electronics and toy stores are thriving while the likes of Laura Ashley and Carpetland appear almost deserted, even with big discounts being offered in the store windows

Unable to fit a five foot wide LCD Hi-def television on the back of my motorcycle, I returned home empty handed but from the looks of it, other weren't deterred and at PC World, they have apparently run-out of Apple Macs.

"But they are still more expensive here than buying them direct at the Apple Store", I said to the young shop assistant and she did rather agree with me that charging almost £900 for a MacBook seemed unsustainable when PCs can be bought for less than £200 these days.

Wait for the New Year sales I suppose, after all, if you don't spend it now, then 'Generous Gordon' is one day going to ask for everything you've got left in new taxes once he wakes-up to the grim reality of an economy that has nothing left to offer. As a result, every man, woman and child is expected to do his or her duty and spend, spend, spend the country back on to its feet again. And when we've done all that patriotic spending, then what?

One economist I know is predicting the USD$ to go to $1.24 to the British pound very soon. With the Euro now at near parity 1:1 with Sterling you've got to ask where we go from here? The answer, say my informed 'City' friends, is nowhere for the forseeable future, as our own economy, being principally oil, finance and service based has very little resilience to the banking catastrophe which has done so much damage to global market confidence.

The clever money is on at least three succesive quarters of recession and deflation before the impact of the financial crisis stops ricocheting around the globe sufficiently for any recovery to have a chance of taking root. Until then, the banks are sitting on their money, the business supply chain is in crisis and the political parties of all colours are very short of real answers that may cause the patient which is our own economy to recover rather than killing him outright with the cure!


Michael Child said...

What strikes me about the picture is how ugly WC is, odd that many of us chose an area with some of the best architecture in the country, only to elect to spend much of our lives in glorified corrugated sheds.

Ken Gregory said...


People build these 'sheds' as they are cost effective, after all at Debenhams you are buying smellies etc, not looking at the 'quality' of the building. Perhaps that is why they are built 'out of town'?.
I have to say Tesco Extra would look out of place in Ramsgate Town Centre, but seems ok where it is

tony flaig bignews said...

I see you are recycling old photos, anyhow good to see you back and posting. Have a good christmas etc cheers!

DrMoores said...

Well spotted Tony and a Merry Christmas to you and Mrs Flaig too!

I'm tempted to fly over Bluewater and take some photos to try and guage the size of the pre Xmas Eve rush there!