Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gary Glitter's Margate Revival?

Convicted paedophile and former pop-star Gary Glitter has reportedly been seen flat hunting in Cliftonville, according to a story in today's Thanet Times.

Apparently he was spotted by a bus driver who picked him up outside Margate station as well as several taxi drivers and the former dropped-him off at Dalby Square in Cliftonville. Glitter reportedly told the driver he was in Margate looking for a bedsit and wanted to know if the Winter Gardens was still open!

Readers of Thanet Life may recall that two years ago I placed a Freedom of Information request with Kent Police, enquiring as to how many convicted sex offenders in Thanet might pose a risk to our children. The police declined to provide such information on the grounds that to do so "may provoke public disorder."

If the report of Mr Glitter's visit is correct (his real name is Paul Francis Gadd) then it appears that the agencies involved are once again riding roughshod over the will of local people and encouraging their sex-offender problems to migrate to an area of the country that has had more than enough of their attentions.

Contrary to what the agencies involved might believe, we have no equivalent to the Statue of Liberty standing outside Margate station, offering a warm welcome to unlimited numbers of perverts, paedophiles and registered sex-offenders here in our over-subscribed seaside community beyond what might be considered a normal statistical distribution for such matters.

Why should the safety of Thanet's children be placed at a lower level of priority than the safety of children living in the wealthier suburbs of London?

After all, rather too many sex-offenders have been re-discovered or prosecuted in Thanet over the last twelve months than I care to remember, in addition to the horrifying and tragic discovery of missing teenager, Vicky Hamilton's body buried at Peter Tobin's former home in Irvine Drive.


Major said...

I am reluctant to make positive comments about any paedophile but Gary Glitter seems to have been mostly guilty of being a rich sex tourist in a country with a long history of permissibility of what he was convicted of.

I don't think he would be a significant threat to children in the UK, especially as he is so well known and identifiable.

Its the anonymous violent paedophiles who worry me, with the attitude of Kent Police we will never find out who and where they are living.

Peter Checksfield said...

It must be very confusing for the young kids in Thanet, being told to keep away from an old guy with a white beard & then being told that an old guy with a white beard will creep into their homes when they're asleep next week...

Good to see you're accepting comments again!