Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Falling with Style

Not for the nervous flyer perhaps but the video below displays such outstanding airmanship on the part of the pilot, that other than gawp with admiration at his skill and fast reactions, I can't really pass comment!

Best ask Roger to try and book him for next year's airshow I think!

On a further exciting note, I'm delighted to hear that Flybe will be operating from Manston with regular flights to Jersey next summer. Good news for local residents in the flightpath, is that they will be using ultra-quiet STOL Q-400's a stretched Dash-8 with seventy seats, similar to those that go in and out of London City airport.

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Major said...

Great bit of film of the safe landing of the one winged plane, hardly believable.
As far as the flights to Jersey are concerned lets hope the tickets are affordable, though why many people would want to go there from our area escapes me.
If you haven't been to the Channel islands recently (I have) you would have a shock to find that most things cost more there than they do here.
And Jersey has been so congested on the roads that even 30 years ago there was not sufficient road length on the island for all the cars registered there to be on the road at once.
It is not the tobacco and alcohol tax free haven it once was, having implemented duty harmonisation with the EU.

Still lovely beaches however, as we have here in Westgate of course.