Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sir Bob Cometh

"Who honestly belived", writes one of our Thanet Blogs, that Bob Geldorf would be switching on the Margate Xmas lights ?!The bloke who earlier in the year called it a dump, never on the cards was it really, and it was daft of TDC to think that they had him booked, unless of course it was just a big joke on the media anyway."

Well I for one believe or is that "belive" in Sir Bob Geldof or even his look-alike cousin, "Bob Geldorf" because I've just heard that he will be in Margate on Saturday 29th November, to turn on the Christmas Lights.

Margate Mayor, Brian Sullivan tells me: "The office has been in contact with Sir Bob's team, and Sir Bob was very concerned at letting us down, and through the efforts of both the Mayor’s Office and Sir Bob's team, the timings have been slightly changed so that he can turn on the lights and get his flight to Doha on Saturday night. “ He added “We are very pleased that Sir Bob has changed his plans to be with us on Saturday”

So Margate's lights lights will now be switched on at 4.30pm by Sir Bob, and the Shell Lady and Fireworks will be presented by Ben Mills and Mark Arden later in the evening. KMFM will be promoting local bands on their Roadshowand the Craft Fayre in the Old Town, the whole day will I hope, be a positive one for Margate, and I'm sure everyone will look forward to giving Sir Bob, Ben and Mark a traditional Margate welcome!!!

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