Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Sky - Cold Weather

What a bitterly cold day!

I've been down at Margate seafront for the start of the 'Big Sky' beach races, along with Cllr's Bruce and Ezekiel and now I've retreated back into the warmth of my house.

Outside on the beach, brave souls are challenging the cold and a fierce sandstorm to compete along a course of man-made sand dunes. It's a great shame about the weather because it's an exciting spectacle and conditions have kept the crowds away.

In the photograph, council leader, Sandy Ezekiel is seen taking a turn on one of the powerful quad-bikes competing in the events together with the familiar trail motorcycles seen in the second photograph.
I've been asked to do the prize-giving at the end of the event on Sunday afternoon but with snow forecast the conditions for the racers could prove very challenging indeed.

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