Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I was on my regular lunchtime run today and came across a small drama unfolding on the beach opposite the car park at Westbrook.

A young Porpoise had been spotted stranded on the sands at around 10:30am by two dog walkers and by the time I arrived, the Police, Coastguard and British Divers Marine Rescue, were in full swing attempting to keep the animal comfortable while they waited for a vet to arrive and make the final prognosis on its condition.

It still had a visible amount of energy left and why it was beached its hard to say as the sea conditions aren't excessive today. I'm sure you'll discover what happened next in the local papers, as I sent copies of my photographs to them.

A little later, Marine Mammal Medic, Jon Brooks, emailed  and writes: "Our vet on site felt, at the time, that the mammal was in a good condition and stood a vey good chance of being refloated. Sadly it later came to light that he was not" - and it was put down - . "This was not due to a lack of a sanctuary", as was previously suggested by an earlier reader. All very sad given the remarkable efforts that everyone involved made to save it. As an interested observer, I would like to thank them all for what they did this morning in visibly difficult conditions.

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