Monday, February 11, 2008

Under Suspension

You’ll be the first to hear that I am suspending ThanetLife and possibly plan to take it down completely.

As a local councillor here in Thanet, I fully understand one needs broad-shoulders and I’m quite happy to take criticism where it is deserved. However and most importantly, I am ‘not’ prepared to see my family involved in the abuse or indeed have my personal reputation and integrity compromised and defamed online.

When I started this weblog, I had hoped that this and others like it would breathe more life, debate and interest into the local democratic process. It even encouraged me to move from the sidelines and take an active role in my community by becoming a ward councillor. I make no apologies for that being a Conservative councillor but since May of last year, my Conservatism – which is visible to all – has clearly antagonised others.

I grew up and went to school in Thanet and when I returned and started this weblog it was with every intention of helping, in whatever way, to make life better for others. Thanet Life is however a political ‘red rag’ to others and a vigorous campaign of abuse and crude defamation continues to grow. As this has now reached beyond my shoulders, now is the time to stop and get on with earning a living and being a ward councillor for Westgate.

Although I may make an occasional entry in future, I’m unwilling to allow the farce to continue for the personal entertainment of a malicious few who aim simply to increase their own weblog traffic as a consequence.