Friday, February 01, 2008

A Place of Pilgrimage?

The city of Canterbury makes the news this morning for the wrong reasons.

"Residents living along its cobbled medieval streets also say they are blighted by drunken anti-social behaviour.

Cars are vandalised, doorsteps are soiled and residents are kept awake at all hours, they complain. There are even reports of drunken fighting in the city’s parks.

But many residents say the situation has now become “unacceptable” as its student population has grown to more than 30,000 while relaxation of licensing laws has led to late-night opening."

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anon again! said...

anon again!

Canterbury, is a Holy City, similar to Jerusalem in Religious standing. Why should it suffer the abuse of the its visitor's and resident's being begged off or beaten up by 'Homeless "I'm to lazy to work" drug addicts' with a dangerous dog in tow, or a completely smashed out Student who has been on the beer all day and has no brain cell's active enough to tell him/her to go home before trouble comes along.
The Police.... do nothing.
Drugs and Booze should have been controlled earlier with the same vigour the anti smoking mob suffer today. Britain, is a silly place to live, priorities are well mixed up, and there is no real Governing Body to sort them out. Sometimes, I ask myself "What do the Police get paid for?". It certainly is NOT for keeping our (or Canterbury's) streets free of fear of being mugged by an addict or clobbered by some brainless twit. Even if the offender's are aprehended, they seem to be 'let off' with a slapped wrist... priorities.... there ain't none!

Anonymous said...

The burghers and citizens of Canterbury are thoroughly hypocritical here. They have 30,000 cash rich residents (courtesy of Student Loans Company) spending money in their community and making it a very prosperous and vibrant city centre. Traders in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate would love this population in the towns. Effective policing at night and open toilet blocks would alleviate over exuberant behaviour and incontinence.

Tony Beachcomber said...

I do not believe for one minute it is the students. Working at Canterbury West I see the arrivals from both up and down services on Friday and Saturday nights. The same with Canterbury East having all the Dover and Alyshum lot on their doorstep.
Also listening on the town radio on these nights it does appear the same groups of people causing the problems

Anonymous said...

Doesn't our new Community Safety Manager come from Canterbury? Perhaps they all think it is safe to come out now he has come to Thanet?

anon again! said...

anon again!

Jeeez, I hope he doesn't encourage all the drop outs to follow his example of area to 'work'. All you hear in Canterbury is "Spare change, help the homeless", and if you don't spare some & walk on by you hear awful abuse from most.
I tried to help one once, he said he was a 'Roofer' by trade. Tried to get him a proper job with a good Company. He didn't even turn up for the interview and a few weeks later I read that he had set fire to a building that didn't have anything in worth stealing and selling on for DRUG'S !!!
How can you expect to help people like this. We used to have Asylum's, now we have Asylum Seeker's.