Friday, February 08, 2008

A Ground Breaking Project

Senior Thanet Conservatives gathered today to break ground at the New Haine Road, a joint venture between KCC and TDC.

Leader of TDC, Sandy Ezekiel commented;

"This is about the two Conservative Councils working together to get results. Results for Thanet people, and results for business. There’s not a penny of Westminster money going into this. "
North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale MP added:

"Thanet District and Kent County are doing their level best to get infrastructure in place before development takes place. The task would have been a whole lot easier, though, if the last Labour Council which likes to claim credit for Westwood Cross had paid just a little attention to roads and railways when agreeing the outline plans. Or if the last Labour Transport Minister, who happens to be the MP for South Thanet at present, had looked to the interests of the area that he was elected to represent and found a little more money for Kent and Thanet."
Photo - Valerie Cameron.


Mr Friday said...

Ah yes. The "New Haine Road". This will be the project which will resolve all of Westwood's traffic problems by replacing an existing single carraigeway road with.....another single carraigeway road which will go round the houses before joining up with the old Haine Road a few hundred yards down the road.


You couldn't make it up.

Michael Child said...

I did think Laura Sandys not having a shovel like all the men seemed a bit sexistly risqué in these politically correct times.

Anonymous said...

That picture will come back to haunt when everybody realizes it doesn't work

Michael Child said...

On Ramsgate’s Marina Esplanade construction workers are building a huge roundabout where the main sand car park was, so that the busses and heavy goods vehicles can turn, this is a bit unfortunate really as the weight restrictions on the hill leading to it mean that these vehicles won’t actually be able to get to it. So we seem to be losing the main seafront car park for no reason, not particularly helpful if you are trying to trade in the town.

Anonymous said...

Well if the Thanet Gateway "joint venture" is anything to go by, it will be an unmitigated disaster.

Anonymous said...

Ahh how I agree.The Gateway Is a complete mess..I tried to get into the Library space but you have to fight your way through screaming children and droves of people with housing benifit issues etc also I wondered where all the books had gone as because the district council have taken away nearly half the Library space there just is'nt the range there used to be.It is a disgrace,whoever thought this one up should be made to work in there for a week and see how it just does not work!

Michael Child said...

I gather a whole storeroom of unique Thanet history material has had to go from the library to Maidstone because TDC wanted the space, incidentally it would be helpful if some of you chaps running things would refute or explain some of the things I say, so I could draw a line under these issues and get on with publishing local books.

Anonymous said...

I understand quite a lot of material went from the library straight into the bin.

DrMoores said...

I have no idea Michael. People involved may respond to your questions if A) they read them or B) they wish to. This is however a weblog not a local democracy portal. Sometimes it can help on public facing issues and other times nobody is prepared to volunteer the information which may, I assume, be obtained through the proper channels.

Anonymous said...

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble........where's Grub ?! Gone and buried him haven't they !

DrMoores said...

On another note, I see from the Gazette, that they have managed to wade through the fabricated tripe -found elsewhere - on the Culmers Lane fence and getto the heart of the story.

No Conservative or council conspiracy, just the allotment owners - remember them - wanting a big fence to keep the feral youths out and Broadstairs town council agreeing. The mistake, if you want to call it that was the works team siting the fence in a spot that caused aesthetic pain, when a little communication between everyone involved would have made it invisible!

So the allotment owners are happy but the Trees for Thanet Group are not, quite understandably of course!

Michael Child said...

Simon I have reached a point where even the LGO who have followed up reasonable questions for me recently are at a loss as to why they can get no replies, and as you will notice from the email that I sent to all the councillors earlier today maters on Ramsgate seafront require some urgent answers.

Anonymous said...

There is an old office trick when everyone secretly knows that something important was thrown out. Make sure it is clear that someone else has to answer those questions. When everyone is playing that game you need to have the devils own luck to get anything like an answer from anyone.

I think that the council is, to a man, too busy covering their own backside to give answers.

DrMoores said...

I suspect Matt, that the answer is rather simpler than you think. Few people realise that the average local council provides 800 services to the community. If, Like Thanet, it's running at a high RPM, as a consequence of demand and through lack of money, there is a tendency to concentrate on the perceived priorities first.

Your priorities, while important to you, may be further down the "To do" list of your local council. Alternatively, triple the council tax and you'll get more resources. It's really a simple business problem.

Anonymous said...

gale blows a lot of hot gas again. Of course the road infrastucture was planned, except the Tories got into power in2003 and everything went to pot. Also Roger who set up the Spacial Development project? Laura Sandys (no blood relation to D Sandys) probably in the new history.

DrMoores said...

So who set up the road project I wonder. Thanet Labour? Go on do tell us. I'm sure we'll enjoy the story!?

Michael Child said...

Simon I knew in the end you would read about the road who cares what party they have started and can’t stop

Ewen Cameron said...

Before we get too far into La-La Land, let’s re-address some facts;

The New Haine Road is the first of five phases of development around the Westwood/Eurokent development. None of them, on their own, will achieve miracles. Traffic growth alone will ensure that, but all of them are necessary, unless we expect residents and businesses to trek across ploughed fields.

Labour left a hole before they lost power. Nothing new there, then. Plans for roads, but no funding. So let’s have no guff about “the Tories got into power in2003 and everything went to pot”. Go check your history. Pretty much all of the improvements will be funded by TDC and/or KCC initiatives to find the funds that Labour didn’t have the basic skills to achieve.

If you happen to live in Stirling Way and/or will want to use the new athletics facilities and/or live in Ramsgate and want to get to Westwood Cross and use its little known (as yet) second entrance, you may find the New Haine Road very helpful.

As regards the Culmers Land issue, I am reluctant to fork this thread too far off its original subject, but having walked the bounds a couple of days ago with the organiser of “Trees for Thanet” (who I have known for many years, and have both great liking of, and respect for), I think the way forward is fairly clear. Like almost anything in life, it’s more complex than it looks, but that’s a subject for another thread and another discussion.

No sexism on shovels, Michael. We have another image of Laura in charge of the digger, with all the men outside! (four shovels/five people….)

Cllr Ewen Cameron

Anonymous said...

"No Conservative or council conspiracy, just the allotment owners - remember them - wanting a big fence to keep the feral youths out and Broadstairs town council agreeing. The mistake, if you want to call it that was the works team siting the fence in a spot that caused aesthetic pain, when a little communication between everyone involved would have made it invisible!

So the allotment owners are happy but the Trees for Thanet Group are not, quite understandably of course!"

According to you, this was a non story, of no interest to you!

Interesting that you now bring it up again! Possibly because it was a real story after all, and that the Tory rulers have made a mistake! Heaven forbid!

Anonymous said...

Do any of the idiots pictured actually know how a shovel works?

Seems to me, this is a good way to dig a big hole for yourself; just make sure you throw yourselves in afterwards!

Noted that you are not in this picture Doc, I presume you could not find anyone else to take the picture, and therefore as the newby you had to be behind the camera for once!

Anonymous said...

I do hope that the'rumours' that you are going to put yourself up for a KCC seat, in advance of vying for a safe Tory seat are true. Hopefully you will then get out of Westgate and stop ramming your sad party views down our throats! I will certainly vote for anything that gets you out of our hair!

Disgruntled LOCAL tory!

DrMoores said...

So, 12:56 AM, can't sleep then?

If you happen to be a disgruntled Tory then why would you be concerned by my "sad party views?"

I would be fascinated to read, as your local councillor, what I have done or rather not done, that you are so keen to see me gone?

Westgate has, I suggest, never had a councillor as "available" as me and I doubt that any ward in Thanet has either. So what's the problem?

Perhaps, if you are really another Labour supporter, which is likely, you are simply worried by my ability to project my views and what is being achieved by this Conservative council, from this website?

Michael Child said...

Ewen I wasn’t seriously accusing you of sexism just trying to lighten the atmosphere a little, after all I could have said spade which could have been seen to have racist connotations too.

No what worries me is that I am in business in a resort town where the main beach tourist car park is being turned into a roundabout for busses that can’t get to it, because of the weight limit on the access road to it, I should point out that ordinary cars and vans below the weight limit could turn by going into the car park entrance and coming out the exit, why has the car park gone? Is it an accident or a deliberate move to sabotage business in the town? Perhaps you are just trying to get more tourists to use Margate, if its just a stupid mistake though, don’t you think it better to say so now?

Paul Wells said...

Simon, I am slightly non-plussed by your comment of 4.56pm. The IOTG this Friday informed us that Cllr Crotty (Broadstairs TC) is to walk the fence at Culmers Land with a TDC Officer next week and published one letter from an allotment holder and the other from the Secretary of Culmers Allotments Tenants Association. I have not come across any-one who does not agree that the allotment holders need improved security not only at Culmers Land but at all the other allotment sites in Thanet.

Culmers Land has for the past 12 years consisted of two parts; the allotments with 100 plots and the ‘park’ used by visitors and the citizens of Broadstairs and as you quite rightly point out, the siting of the fence was a ‘mistake’. Its positioning failed to take into account the ‘park’ requirements of Culmers Land and appears not to have involved over-sight by elected members; consultation with other interested parties and advice from landscaping specialists. It would seem that the decision was taken by one person who instructed the contractors. It would indicate a weakness in procedures within the two Councils responsible, that needs to be addressed, particularly as TDC is rolling out improved security on allotment sites around Thanet. I think that Cllr Wells’ comment on Thanetlife that “joking aside, I think a bit of a bollock has been dropped here” probably sums up the situation succinctly.

If you read Lynne Pilcher‘s letter carefully you will find that she admits in her letter that despite asking to see the plans for the siting of the fence beforehand that this did not happen but that “ we were assured the fence would follow the existing fence, wherever possible.” Her letter admits that Culmers Allotments Tenants Association (representing 60% of tenants) is not happy with what has happened but would rather have security than not.

What is the ‘true-picture’ then? Yes, the allotment holders are ‘happy’ with security but not happy with how it has been done; the same position that Trees for Thanet holds. But the citizens of Broadstairs who use the ‘Park’ at Culmers Land are the majority and it would appear that many of them are very unhappy too and they are starting to say so. I have been informed that constituents have approached their MP, Dr Ladyman, and gave him a guided tour of Culmer’s Land ‘park’ yesterday. I have been a little annoyed that some seem to take the view that Trees for Thanet is making a nuisance as a lone un-representative group on this issue.

Trees for Thanet is a ‘youth-group’ and is not a campaigning political environmental ‘green’ group. It has for 12 years just got on with trying to improve parts of Thanet with hedgerows, trees , shelter belts and screening hedgerows for un-sightly fences in Culmers Land and Manston Village Recreation Park.
Trees for Thanet has highlighted the problem in Culmers Land and has suggested solutions but it is now time for the citizens of Broadstairs and their elected representatives to get together to consider if the situation in Culmer’s Land ‘Park’ can be retrieved and if so, get on with it. Trees for Thanet would then welcome a request to improve, yet again, Culmers Land from Broadstairs TC.

Paul Wells

DrMoores said...


Don't you love all this "Tory Rulers" rubbish?

From what I can see from your comment we're saying much the same thing, i.e poor communications. Not some kind of great Tory conspiracy to cover-up some fantastic error just because the story didn't immediately fascinate me in the first place! After all, I've included stories from Trees for Thanet before as you well know!

Paul Wells said...

yes! Its been my experience,such is the frailty of men and women, that some of the most unbelievable SNAFU's are the result of insufficient thought or plain simple incompetence and often with the best of intentions; not conspiracy!

Your past and I hope, future support of Trees for Thanet and the great work done by youngsters on cold winter Saturday mornings, is much appreciated by the 'team'.