Monday, February 11, 2008

Dane Park Lights

I had an email earlier today expressing a number of concerns over both the lighting and the present state of Dane Park, so rather than kick-off this week's latest conspiracy theory, I thought it best to ask, given that I had a vague recollection of hearing somewhere, that the lack of lighting was something to do with EDF Energy having to run-in new cables.

Anyway, I'm told that the lighting in Dane Park is partly a KCC matter as an element of the new cycle path and partly a Margate Civic society project to have more cycle paths included with lights.

The work got underway and was tested in November by the KCC contractor and EDF Energy were informed. However, EDF were unable to schedule the connection until January.

There is an outstanding problem with some lights still not working and apparently some vandlalism has taken place. The contractor has been instructed to correct the problem and make repair as quickly as possible.

When the cycle path lights and others are all working then TDC will take them over them from the contractor - except the cycle path which will remain with KCC.

The reinstatement will be done in March or earlier if the weather stays as it is, however, when the work was completed in November it was not an ideal time to seed the new grass. Construction of the new play area is underway and this is expected to be finished in early April.

I hope that answers any questions.

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