Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beach Scramble or Scrambled?

One of our readers, Barrie, has spotted something interesting about the advertising for the quad-bike, beach races at Margate this month. Has anyone else noticed?

He writes:

"The organisers of the beach scramble have had some giant posters made advertising this event on Margate beach.

The date advertised is February 24th & 25th, the 25th is a Monday so I am sure it should read 23rd & 24th February ?

If this is the case then we might be entitled to say "plonkas"!

Either the organisers, the advertising agency and or the printers might have had the wit to question this obvious mistake ?

The usual scenario is that the printers would send a proof copy to those responsible thus passing the buck if there is a mistake."

Ed: Let me know if you see the same thing?

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