Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Canterbury Road Accident

I had noticed the air ambulance over Westgate at lunchtime today but one of our readers has sent in more information and writes:

"There was a crash on Canterbury road dual carriageway today at about 1.15pm, there were three people injured and the Kent air ambulance attended. Firecrews had to cut one person free from the Volvo pictured. Sorry if the picture is not that good, certainly not your standard anyway, but it felt a little insensitive to photo too much.

I'm sure you know this area is a blackspot for RTA's with most cars breaking the 40 speed limit."

Ed: Thanks for letting us know. Speeding on the roads between Westgate and Margate was an issue mentioned at the last meeting of the 'Joint Transportation Board' but with particular reference to Westbrook Avenue and Westgate Bay Avenue. It's remarkable how skilled the air ambulance is in reaching very tight areas. They are a fantastic medical resource for the county.


Michael Child said...

The photo looked excellent to me, says it all really.

DrMoores said...

Couldn't agree more Michael!

Anonymous said...

As I passed shortly after the road opened I couldn't help noticing the very long single skid mark (an indication of speeding and faulty maintainence)and two house-holders with brushes sweeping up glass and debris; well done for them!

Norah Batty said...

People never learn. Let's hope that there were no fatalities.

anon again! said...

anon again!

I am to suppose that the cars PARKED on a dual carriageway have NOTHING to do with the accidents. If they weren't 'in the way' drivers wouldn't have to swerve to miss them. Speed rarely has to do with these accidents, in most cases, the ignorant 'Parker's' should also NOT be considered totally blameless for these also.
I have often said "Double Yellows all the way to Canterbury". It IS a main road, all said and done.
My opinion! I know it will rub some up the wrong way, but those are my sentiments.

Ken Gregory said...

Anon again,Your comments do not rub me up the wrong way, 'BUT' It is well known that parked cars do the job better than double yellows. They actually slow traffic, yellows (double and single) make the road look wider than it really is and encourage speeding. In reality, there is no such thing as an accident, the carnage is always caused by something, either excess speed, bad judgement, or mechanical failure. (and of course, crass stupidity). I am not saying who was at fault in this particular accident, that is a matter for the police, but please remember, the road is only a placid host to the motorist

Anonymous said...

Hear hear Cllr Gregory! The skid mark was one of the longest I have seen on the approach to the yellow chalk markings( put on road by Police)of the final resting place of one vehicle! Speeding on a 40mph
section of road seems to be the problem here not parked cars. The cars parked outside Ursuline College slows up traffic very well on the approach to the school; if there were no parked cars the morning traffic would be hurtling past the entrance with over 700 of our children put at risk! So 6.28 you are writing tosh!

Anonymous said...

"So 6.28 you are writing tosh!"

Couldn't agree more with comments at 9.10

anon again! said...

anon again!
Tosh, are the Parker's who BLOCK the Queens Highway. If the area's are so namby dangerous, the Police or TDC (bless 'em) should put their mobile speed traps there EVERY day until the offenders know what speeding costs.
I dare say, there might be enough money in the kitty after a few weeks, to build an Art Gallery or something similar, down near Margate Harbour!
The car that left the skid marks was obviously doing 60-70 MPH to leave such evidence on the road, and should be jailed for his/her offences.
The parkers, however, should NOT block the Highway, under any circumstances, including roads that run past school's.
Maintaining my opinion.

Anonymous said...

We're all entitled to our opinions. I personally think that putting stray apostrophes in words (and leaving them out when they should be there) is even worse than parking on public roads.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the parking in the place where this accident happened is a very effective form of traffic calming. With the exception of the idiots who hurtle away from the lights heading towards Margate, the majority form two disciplined lanes away from the lights and merge into one because of the cars parked. If the cars weren't there, they'd still have to merge a bit further on where the dual-carriageway ends. The speeding on the dual-carriageway is horrific, bearing in mind it's a residential area with two schools, retirement homes, private homes, bus stops, etc. Driving at 40, I am regularly passed at people doing 50 or more. The one speed camera is useless because speeders just slow down then speed up again - perhaps an average speed camera system would be more effective. I agree with 6.49 that mobile cameras should be on the dual-carriageway, rather than their regular place beyond King Ethelbert, just in the 30 limit.

Ewen Cameron said...

I’ve lived on the Canterbury Road near the main Westgate junction for 20 years, and speeding certainly is a problem. It’s entirely common to see cars coming through the lights at 70mph or more. Even in heavy morning traffic 50 to 60 is common.

In the time I’ve been there, I can immediately recall nine fatalities on or near the junction. Several of the casualties were pedestrians. There have also been innumerable accidents, ranging from minor to very major.

The junction badly needs a speed camera – it easily meets the criteria for one. I have lobbied constantly for this, so far, sadly, without success.

Cllr Ewen Cameron

Michael Child said...

Ken if you could get some of the recent double yellow lining removed in Ramsgate town centre there could well still be some shops in the town in a few years time. From my perspective and especially as all these new double yellows haven’t appeared in the side streets outside the immediate town centre, it looks like a ploy to give WC a boost.

Go on tell me that the big firms at WC would be to shy to lobby and even offer incentives to boost their trade and that I am just being cynical.

I hope I haven’t rubbed you up the wrong way, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I can't find my copy of the Highway Code but, I was always led to understand that no parking was allowed on a duel carriageway, and at night all cars had to face the way of the traffic. No vehicles were allowed to park on a public pavement and vehicles must not park within or opposite 10 metres (32feet) of a junction.

Who is supposed to uphold these laws?
Who is not doing their job?


anon again! said...

anon again!

The Weakest Link(s)..... Polly(ce) & even weaker link... the TDC Traffic Wardens!

Ewen Cameron said...

The Canterbury Road was closed again last night, for an extended period. This time on the Birchington side of the junction.

I assume yet another accident?

Ewen Cameron

Anonymous said...

Yes Ewen another crash, just read this on a kent news site:

Pedestrian 'stable' after collision with car
by Peter Barnett

A 31-year-old man suffered serious head and leg injuries when he was struck by a car near Birchington.

The accident happened on the A28 Canterbury Road yesterday at about 5.25pm when the pedestrian was in collision with a Vauxhall Corsa. The car was being driven by a 19-year-old man.

Today a police spokeswoman has described the man’s condition as "stable". She said he had just got out of a parked works van prior to the collision.

The car driver and a female front seat passenger were both treated for shock. A crash investigation team was at the scene until around 9pm.

Ewen Cameron said...

Thanks, anon 1:44. Let's hope the poor guy pulls through.

When can we get a speed camera on this road?

I have no knowledge as to whether speed was a factor in this accident, but it certainly has been in other serious and fatal accidents on this road.

Ewen Cameron

Anonymous said...

it was most likely a combination of all the above reasons for the crash. I have seen a car travelling towards Margate slam on the brakes at hengist rd. this car was not speeding but there was car’s parked by the school over the brow of the hill. This type of parking makes all roads dangerous. Having said that I agree that parked car’s there do seam the slow the traffic down. My thoughts to all those in the crash and a speedy recovery to all injured.

Carol said...

I sure do hope they can find a very good solution in minimizing road accidents in that area.