Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Top Gear PM?

Leo McKinstry who wrote about Westgate in yesterday's Dail Mail, has followed-up today, with a piece on BBC 'Top Gear' presenter, Jeremy Clarkson's manifesto in his bid to become the next Prime Minister.

More than 28,000 people have now signed a Downing Street petition for Clarkson to replace Gordon Brown, which may suggest that some of Clarkson's less radical 'policies', which involve ending our support of the Human Rights Act and "banning Wales" may enjoy a modest level of popular support in Middle England.

It's a good subject for open discussion anyway!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Clarkson for PM. Like that's really going to solve our problems!

Anonymous said...

Clarkson not mad enough to want to go in to politics

Anonymous said...

He is also not ugly enough, have you noitced that councillors and MP's are very ugly funny looking people an maily strange like John Redwood. Blair was fairly good looking, with David Cameron looking like a spotty youth.

Now Boris Johnson is what a call good looking!

Mary P