Saturday, January 26, 2008

Too Early to Test?

Here a topic that might spark some debate. Kent Online reports that “thousands of primary school pupils could be taking the 11-plus test in September under plans for a major and potentially controversial shake-up in admissions arrangements in the county.”

Kent County Council is to push ahead with its plan to bring forward the tests to allow parents to know the outcome before they apply for a place at secondary school. If approved, it would start this year.

The move is in line with new Government guidance on when pupils should take tests in areas with selective schools and is likely to be welcomed by some parents.
But county education chiefs are already facing a backlash among some schools, who say it is too early for pupils to be sitting the test and will place teachers under further pressure.

In a survey conducted by KCC as part of the consultation, 60 per cent of Year Five parents favoured taking the test in September but only 18 per cent responded.
KCC also says "most" schools supported the move although it is understood a signficant number, including all Kent’s Catholic schools opposed it.

A report setting out the plans will be presented to KCC’s Conservative cabinet in February.


Anonymous said...

Which school is this about?

Staff and pupils at the ? School were still reeling this weekend after Ofsted inspectors slammed its unimaginative teaching methods and failure to move out of the 1950s.

The school was severely criticized for consistent discipline problems and other educational short-comings that has resulted in all pupils being held down a year for over six decades.

‘Teaching methods have not moved forwards for half a century’ said the report. ‘The teacher known as ‘Teacher’ still wears a mortar board and wields a cane but fails to actively engage pupils or show any evidence of lesson plans or differentiated learning. It is no wonder that the school has consistently failed to attract new staff or pupils.’

The inspectors went on to point out the complete absence of computers or interactive whiteboards and with no evidence of implementing the government’s ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda, the school has now been placed in Special Measures.

The School is now expected to be closed and re-opened as a City Academy specialising in Business Studies and I.T. The Ofsted inspectors singled out ‘Teacher’ for individual criticism and gave him six whacks with their favourite cane, writing ‘Thwack!’ on the blackboard to make it extra clear exactly what was happening.

Anonymous said...

St Trinian's ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No and No

Ain't yer got no educashun?

This is not a hard test

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bash Street

Anonymous said...

This Labour government is too soft, what most children need is a jolly good spanking. I went to a public boading school and it never done me any harm. The sooner we have David Cameron as Prime Minister the better.

Rupert Snede-Jones

Anonymous said...

Yes its Bash Street!

Took you a few goes but got there in the end.

Michael Child said...

B no

Anonymous said...

Hey guys this is a serious topic! Write out a hundred times "I must stick to the topic of the post on Thanetlife".
If we test in September of Year 6 for administrative convenience of our LEA we wnd up testing pupis who went on their summer hols as Year 5 puils (10+); teachers will tell you of the drop off in standard that happens after long summer hols so situation is exacerbated; if we must test at 11+ then make sure it is 11+ and the later the better in Year 6 not at the earliest opportunity.
Now repeat after me ' i must stay on topic'

Anonymous said...

11.12 repeat after me, ' I must learn to spell! '. This is only a debate about education after all!

chris wells said...

The 11 plus is currently taken immediately after the christmas holidays, and little is achieved in schools just before christmas, so effectively after a 3 to 4 week break.

The test is age weighted, so advancing it makes little difference, although it does give a longer time period to prove improvement for appeal later on.

The change has the support of the majority of parents and schools. Most would like November, but the sheer number we test here in Kent (10,000 plus), and the need to comply with the dates for sharing information in the governments new code of practice, make that impossible.

There is little room for flexibility, and we can review any changes after a year or two to see if there are any major differences in pattern of results.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 12.24! I have a sticking key problem and vin rouge does not help direct fingers too accurately!
wnd= end
pupis = pupils
puils = pupils
Essay now corrected; do I avoid detention for sloppy work?