Sunday, January 27, 2008


I've been out "helicoptering" over at Herne Bay golf course this afternoon and the activity attracted in a big Augusta 109, the airborne equivalent of a Bentley, owned and flown by Thanet businessman, Ken Wills, who had been over in France for the day.

Compared with the Augusta, even the Bell Jet- Ranger parked next to it, looked like a modest run-about and with a retractable undercarriage and a time of 20 minutes to Le Touquet the Augusta is one very quick solution to the problem of M25 traffic jams.

When the Chinese delegation arrive in a month or so to look at the site of the proposed China Gateway at the Manston business park I'm sure they will get a very comfortable 'birds-eye' view of Thanet in the process.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this the Wills who donated £25,000 to the labour Party? On the subject of helicopters, was down at Pavs yeaterday at about 4pm and saw a near miss incident with slow moving/hovering helicopter and twin engined jet. Sky above Westgate getting crowded at times?

DrMoores said...

What constitues a near miss in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Last summer I was on St. Mildreds Bay and watched with concern as a bi-plane flew just above the waterline and appeared to fly low over some water skiers as if it was purposely 'zapping' them. It did this three times. I said to my wife at the time one small mistake and that stupid arse will end up in the water.

Anonymous said...

Not water skiers, jetskiers.

Anonymous said...

I had a near miss with a cricket ball in the summer-hit me right between the bloody eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Child said...

I had a sort of Walter Mitty thought reading this and flying as it were an helicopter hopefully for the rest of the population only in the mind, tapoca tapoca chaps and chapesses are we fiddling while it all sinks er fanet. The Chinese after the holocaust makes you wonder about human writes anonymus get a box

Anonymous said...

same height same course and within a few hundred yards. Having been on the receiving end of two Phantoms low flying over Brecon Beacons whilst a passenger in an Army Air Corps Gazelle, that were rivet counting close, yesterday's incident came close to same!

Anonymous said...

The important thing to remember when flying is that one can only flush the loo when flying over Labour party areas.

Paul Carter

Michael Child said...

Paul Epson salts, north of England just before we all go bust, I may have enough left for a charter to Hovis country

Michael Child said...

Paul Epson salts, north of England just before we all go bust, I may have enough left for a charter to Hovis country

Anonymous said...

If poor people do not like the noise of aircraft it serves them right for voting Labour. By nature poor people are lazy and are only jealous that they have to walk everywhere.


Tony Beachcomber said...

Ed, I suppose in theory it would be possible to fly over the channel, buy a take away and it will still be warm on returning back to where you started.

Anonymous said...

Is that a fence I see lurking behind the piccie of the chopper?

Careful, it might just laep out and fence the poor defenceless machine in!

Dr Who

Anonymous said...

This from Human Rights Watch: "foreign journalists, including British journalists, continue to be routinely harassed, detained and intimidated by Chinese government officials, security forces and plainclothes thugs who appear to operate at official behest. Meanwhile, Chinese journalists and foreign correspondents, researchers, and translators and assistants continue to risk potentially vicious reprisals from state agencies for reporting that does not conform with the dictates of the official propaganda system."

They should find themselves at home in Thanet then!

Anyone fancy getting down there and demonstrating when the Chinese delegation arrives?

Ewen Cameron said...

A bit of motorcycle trivia, for those of the biking persuasion, which I know, includes our host here. Trust me, there’s a link to the helicopter;

Domenico, and then Corrado Agusta, who gained control of the family helicopter business in 1971, were a bit of a “bike nut” generation. Also very rich. To assuage Domenico’s hobby, he decided to build the unbeatable motorcycle, with unbeatable riders. The result was the MV Agusta 500, ridden by Giacomo Agostini, and Britain’s Phil Read.

“Ago”, to my knowledge, remains the world’s most-crowned world champion. Around 195 GP wins and, I think, 13 world championships,

I wonder if anyone else here watched those machines race? I remember flogging out to Brands Hatch in the early 70s to watch Read pilot this thing around the lap, and besides (to me) the most evocative sounds made by a bike (2nd place in my hit parade goes to the first generation Triumph Trident/BSA), I was awe-struck at actually seeing this thing. I was even more awe-struck a few years later on actually meeting Phil Read. Nice chap, smaller than I expected! (He won, I think about 50 moto GP’s and was twice world champion at 500cc – others will have better knowledge)

Sadly, the two-strokes rapidly overtook the crown, and Corrado was not willing to go on spending money. By the mid 70s. this relatively old, heavy, early 60s design could not compete.

The MV Agusta company occasionally turned out a few road-going versions of the racer, I think of 750cc capacity. Probably today, priceless. I am vaguely watching the idea of buying another 1972 Laverda 750 SF (a whole other story), but they now seem to sell for only slightly less than the crown jewels.

With apologies to Simon, both the helicopter, unless they have changed name, and the bike, have only “A” in their title.


Augusta is a City in Georgia – very nice, I am sure!

With regards

Ewen Cameron

Anonymous said...

Augusta is also the name of a road in Ramsgate which the Thanet Times this week seems to (mistakenly) believe is the dogging centre of the island.