Monday, January 07, 2008

South Thanet MP May Lead National Road Pricing Campaign?

Thanet South MP, Dr Stephen Ladyman, appears to be in the news this week but for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday he was defending a contribution, revealed by 'Kent On Sunday' of a quite proper £25,000 donation by local businessman and supporter, Ken Wills to the South Thanet Labour Party in June and today, he features in 'The Register' which examines his connections, as a former UK transport minister and now an adviser to a traffic-data company.

Apparently, the Register of Members' interests shows that Dr Ladyman receives from £10,000 to £15,000 pa from ITIS Holdings plc. ITIS uses data from various sources to maintain its national traffic-flow database, which produces journey-time forecasts, blackspot updates and so on.

According to the report, "Dr Ladyman undertook not to conduct lobbying of the British government for one year when he stood down from the DfT, and this period will not expire until June. However, he considers himself at liberty to help ITIS deal with European and continental authorities, telling the Times that:

"I know quite a lot of the transport ministers around Europe..."

The broadsheet saw the Ladyman-ITIS* payments as a sign that UK national road-pricing is imminent."

Ed: I'm sure we all know a bit about roads and traffic too and that both became rather more congested and expensive under the last Transport Minister. Didn't we also lose a great deal of personal data as well which was being processed in the United States, as revealed last month, on the same Minister's watch? not his fault though.


Disgusted said...

A fine line seems to be drawn here about the 12 month rule for ministers not to be involved as 'consultants' in the field of their previous ministry! This is just another case of snout in the trough quick whilst I can! So he can deal with EU (didn't he anyway as a minister?) but cannot approach any British Govt Ministry? "make the motorist pay" Ladyman may be following the letter of the law but hardly the spirit.

Anonymous said...

With any luck these idiots will be voted out of power some time soon.

Anonymous said...

And some other idiots voted in.

Anonymous said...

Very true anon 8.40. If you talk to a wide cross section of people in thanet (and i do) the common response is that those involved in politics be that left or right have failed the people over the years, this should be of concern to anyone involved in politics, local or national. The political class are, i am afriad to say, seen as 'self serving' and have been accused of fiddling while rome burns. The story above doesnt help but i should stress i am talking about 'perceptions' here, but it is a worry or should concern you, if it doesnt, fine. Maybe you are not getting your message across to what it is you are doing for the good of the people, perceived or otherwise. 'He said she said' politics only interests those who were there (on a national level this is referred to as the westminster village, but it has its version in Thanet) and switches the rest of us off or worse still detracts from the real issues.

Anonymous said...

re lost data. Didn't he order a secret inquiry to report to his successor who would then be the one to make it public ?

Anonymous said...

anon 936

We long since passed the point at which we would have voted for a politician with a requisite agenda.

The other thread, mentioning the 140 billion yearly benefits bill, serves to illustrate this.

How many people would vote for a party who would outlaw severance and redundancy payments ?

How many people would vote for a party who linked benefits rates to qualifications and employment history of use to the nation (IE pay unemployed graduates of media studies a quarter of national minimum wage and pay an unemployed electrician three times nat min wage)

How many people would vote for a party who abandons both the contributory and the means tested benefits systems and lays off all the hundreds of thousands of public sector parasites involved in benefits admin ?

How many people would vote for a party who properly declares multiculturalism against Common Law and who re-asserts the constitutional monarchy. Which would include abadoning the honours system to stop the constitution being demeaned by honouring wasters.

How many people would vote for a party which tackles management. 93% of industrial managers are unqualified parasites living off the backs of the qualified employees. hence the decline of British industry.

How many people would vote for a party which ends immigration, sets a loyalty test and deports any immigrant who fails the test.

How many people would vote for a party who deny immigrants an interpreter. If they don't speak English they don't get a defence at English Law. Ship em out.

How many people would vote for a party who make it mandatory that single mother babies be adopted ?

For forty years the educationalists have claimed they can address society's problems by education. Well they failed.

How many would vote for a party which sacks all social workers.

Limits cars to one per family

Reopens the mines and promotes further research into coal based eco fuel.

Sacks all the social theorists in the Home Office.

Turkeys won't vote for Christmas. Hence politicians who need votes are beyond delivering solutions.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 11.10am I read your comments with interest as you are a regular commentator, i have a question for you, your views about what you dont like are expressed for all to read but what (yes i am being serious) i wonder do you like or even admire about this country? and if you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world were would you live and more to the point why would you want to live there?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.10 post - the country he describes sounds a bit like communist China, some similarities there, and its even a bit more extreme.

heavily into coal
one child per family (not one car at the moment)
many girl babies killed at birth
summary trial and execution (not shipping out) regardless of whether you are immigrant or not

no social workers

etc etc

Ken Gregory said...

How about this,

No second jobs for Mp's No drinking for Mp's (prior to a vote) ((also no drugs at all).

Or would that make them too much like the people they represent?

anon again! said...

anon again!

And NO Unemployment Benefit either!
What a dump China must be, and they are buying into Thanet?
I rest my case......