Thursday, January 03, 2008

Snow Time

I was supposed to be moving aircraft around for different maintenance issues between here and Brighton this morning but the forecast is for snow and sleet by noon.

Whether, the weather - bad pun - now coming from Siberia will drop snow or sleet on us here in Thanet is difficult to say but looking at the aviation forecast, the probability is high on a line which stretches diagonally from Southend to Brighton, with visibility down to 200 feet, so be prepared, just in case!

But the first cold snap of the New Year is likely to be short-lived, with temperatures here in the south-east reaching as high as 8C by tomorrow. The Siberian weather is due to return early next week, making it one of the coldest winters for twenty years.

The average temperature for January is predicted to be close to freezing, with 0.8C (33.4F) at best, and may even fall, according to one forecaster as low as minus 12C (10.4F) here in the South.

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