Sunday, January 13, 2008

Serious and Organ-ised

In the light of the government's plans to improve the country's poor organ-donation and transplant record, I'm reminded, by one Scottish Health Minister's interview of a sketch from the Monty Python team.

The Minister referred to "Increasing the number of organ-recovery teams" but does this mean something as sinister as groups of surgeons hanging around outside health clubs? After all, Edinburgh was once the epicentre of the body snatching business in the 18th century!

Quite why Scotland was involved in the Sky News interview, I'm not entirely clear unless there's some hidden plan to send our organs north of the border? More likely that in the light of the Peter Haine fiasco, most government Ministers remain sensibly in hiding from the media just in case they are asked any questions on the subject of donations, financial or biological!

Video not suitable for children and those with a sensitive disposition!

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