Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Road Closed and Almost Open

I’ve had complaints about the recent A28 closure out of Birchington and having been stuck in it myself, I know how much inconvenience it is causing and I know other councillors have also expressed concern.

This morning I called the supervisor at KCC and he tells me that the work should be finished tonight. It appears that our own irritation and frustration over the length of time taken to complete this work is shared by KCC and it looks as if a formal complaint may be made to British Gas. I’m about to send in my own letter to add to the file.

This was in fact emergency work. Like me, you have smelled gas just past the Brooks End petrol station and I understand the main, running beneath the road was in a “dangerous state of repair” and required replacing.

I’m driving that way this morning and so I’ll have another look at the progress but hopefully we will all be able to escape from Thanet, without interruption, by tomorrow morning.

We have the first meeting of the "Joint Transportation Committee" with KCC this week and by coincidence, I'm on it, so it looks as if I'm going to be "Stuck in traffic" for some time to come!

Thanks to reader Barrie Smith for asking me to put some pressure on KCC.


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DrMoores said...

A pretty quick response to my getting on the this morning. An email from the supervisor at British Gas.

Hopefully it's now open although at 14:30 I had another look and it was still closed.


Dear Cllr Moores

First of all on behalf of Southern Gas Networks, I would like to register our apology to the local residents for the inconvience they have experienced during this essential gas mains replacement project.

You are correct in stating that our contractors were not on site from Saturday lunch time or Sunday. They had in fact started early on Saturday morning and completed the work that they could do prior to the final connection of the replacement main and the abandonment of the old main, which was programmed to be carried out yesterday.

It was hoped that the road could be opened to traffic towards the end of last week, however due to some road users inability to obey the existing road closure and road signs in general our contractors asked for the road closure to remain in force until the completion of the connection near Brookesend. This was for the safety of their operatives working in the road and other road users. this was as a result of an incident where a driver drove through the works and ploughed in to a working excavation.
Fortunately the operatives were not in the excavation of the time, I understand that the car was quite badly damaged though.

1.9 km of new main has been laid along the A28 and the mains test had to be carried out over a 24 hr period, during which time not a lot of other progress could be made. The test was successful and as previously mentioned the final engineering works was complete yesterday afternoon.

This morning the final reinstatement of the connection holes was carried out and the road swept, you will be please to know that the road was opened to traffic this lunch time.

The traffic management company are due to take the remaining traffic management signs down this afternoon, which will mean that the road will be back to normal in both directions.

Team Manager,
Southern Gas Networks

Anonymous said...

Glad to see something about this issue. I was beginning to think that everyone accepted this outrageous closure without complaint. At very least, residents of Westgate and Birchington deserve to be given some information as to why the one road out of the Island has been closed for such a protracted period with seemingly little work going on. It was still closed at about 2.45 this afternoon when I saw an emergency ambulance being forced along the diversion via Monkton; I hope no life was put at risk as a result of the inevitable delay.

anon again! said...

anon again!
I drive along there acouple of times a day and I've NEVER seen anybody doing work worthy of closing down the carriageway. There were a few holes either side, and a gulley down the middle, but actual digging up of the road surface.... nope. The carriageway could have been made single file for the duration of the work, in my opinion.

Jeremy Jacobs said...


Yours truly is down this weekend to catch Margate v Hastings United. I trust all will be well on the A28 by then.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think British Gas should make amends by subsidising road tax renewals for every car registered in Thanet for this year by say 25%. It wouldn't take them too long to get the idea that efficient use of time and space is a must.

anon again! said...

anon again!

A FREE tank full of petrol would do for me, a small reconciliation for the diversion and extra mileage that was caused by their slow motion work, by way of compensation.