Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolution Time

This being the day that many of us resolve to give up smoking, alcohol, fast food and more and perhaps take out a gym membership that lasts a month, I thought I would at least help the smokers on their way, by embedding a famous sketch from Irish comedian, Dave Allen.

Ironically, much of what he predicted about smoking has come to pass, although I doubt that he even imagined that one would have to leave Europe before one can light a cigarette in a public place!

Perhaps we should expect, in 2008 that the national police statistics will improve considerably after smoking convictions are included; on a par perhaps with burglary?

Equally strange appears to be the two public places that one can light-up are now Parliament and HM Prisons. Or am I wrong?

We'll see how long my own resolution to keep the attendance up at Hartsdown gym lasts, if at all!


Michael Child said...

Simon I was just wondering how you discovered female animal’s videos

DrMoores said...

Unfortunately, it was no more exciting than typing in "Dave Allen" into the YouTube search facility but I got more than aI bargained for!

Beggars can't be choosers!

Nick O'Teen said...

The anti-smoking lobby has achieved so much in curtailing individual choice but like all puritanical groups will not be satisfied until it has eradicated smoking completely. The interpretation of law by the TDC anti-smoking 'gestapo' is a case in point. The outside veranda at Walpole Bay Hotel cannot be used as a smoking area, nor can outside tables close to the wall of coffee shops at Westwood X. The air around these locations may be full of diesel particulates and carcingenic hydrocarbons but must be kept tobacco smoke free even when the slightest of breezes removes air immediately from the area.
The use of private cars on business is being lined up as the next no smoking area and of course we now have the car safety argument being lined up to prevent any smoking at all by any driver.

This whole business has got out of hand! I would expect my political leaders to take a break on New Years Day and particularly if they are Scots, but oh no, not Brown. He has to go inspecting hospitals and making statements about looking after ourselves blah blah blah. I wish this bally Govt would just take a break , even for one day, and just keep their mothes shut, keep off our TV screens and get off our backs!

Michael Child said...

Simon as they say stuff happens.

Nick O teen

When I read on the packet that smoking can lower blood pressure causing Mr Floppy I wonder where they are coming from, I thought the damn thing was supposed to give me high blood pressure. Well from the teens of today, Dad. “There is a new pill, just for men you put it in your shoe and it makes you limp”

Nick O'Teen said...

LOL! as the teens might say. What amazes me as,a smoker,is that the incidence of astham and lung impairment amongst our young has been going up leaps and bounds whilst smoking numbers have been declining steadily. What we do have though is 30 million vehicles on our crowded roads and the monitor at Birchington Square regularly shows air quality well below the EU standards and that was before smokers shivered outside the Powell! When the KCC Environmental Health chappie reports that due to vehicle pollution it is difficult to detect Manston pollution levels due to aircraft landing or taking off, that should tell us how bad the situation is. If we follow exactly the same arguments for Public Health that the anti-smoking lobby trots out, the logical step is to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles. When will we wake up to the fact that the public at large faces a greater risk to health from exhaust fumes than it does from tobacco smokers. Never, I suspect, because the whole exercise is an attack on a minority of smokers.

Here's a little test you can do at home to see what is blowing in the wind: clean the area around a window on the inside surfaces and then leave the window partially open for two weeks. Then go and look at your cleaned surfaces again and examine the residues deposited. Not dust and wind blown soil but black greasy exhaust deposits.

anon again! said...

anon again!

IF only the Government would react in the same way to drug takers as they do smokers, the drugs related crime would fall. It appears that it is ok to knock down and steal an old lady's handbag, and perhaps kill her in the process. But my golly... have a fag near some petulant do gooder non smoking pratt, and you are black-balled.
By the way, I'm a non smoker, but the relationship of crime/punishment, seems to have become unbelievebly stupid.

James Maskell said...

Regarding smoking in Parliament, while legally it doesnt have to follow the smoking ban, it did agree during the legislative process that it would go along with the ban anyway.

This came up in the past when a Labour MP grassed up a load of smoking MPs who were having their fix in one of the toilets...its in Hansard...

Anonymous said...

In the days of the Soviet, East germany was one of the most industrially polluted countries. yet ithad low rates of child asthma. (Bronchitis etc was more prevalent).

After the Cold War the Russians kindly told us that the epidemic of child asthma in the Western world is due to our market driven health service and to institutionalized education in hyperventilation.

For decades now, in the West, child breathing problems have been treated "As asthma". The Russians tell us that asthma drugs make a non asthmatic child asthmatic and an asthmatic child into a worse asthmatic.

Hence the well recognised pattern of the more treatment the worse the condition becomes.

The Russians tell us (they knew because of the work of the Royal Navy submarine respiration expert Haldane ! So much for our security) that in the West we are taught to over breathe. This disrupts the vital residual CO2 levels in the alveoli and the body's reaction is asthma ( to protect life from the threat of a change of vital lung chemistry)

No wonder the Russian doctors were laughing out loud at medical conferences in post cold war west.

"Is food good for you"

Western doctor "Yes"

"Is too much food good for you ?"

Western doctor "No"

"Is water good for you ?"

Western doctor "Yes"

"Is too much water good for you ?"

Western doctor "No"

"Is air good for you ?"

Western doctor "Yes"

"Is too much air good for you ?"

Western doctor "Ooooh you can't have too much air "

Russians rolling on floor laughing.

"Your Western medicine is still based on the last great medical superstition, that we breathe in good air and breathe out bad air"

Smoking should be banned in public places. No one has the right to pol;lute the air I breathe. It is a form of assault. If I responded in kind by smacking the hell out of a smoker he would expect the police to arrest me. Yet he expects to be able to damage my alveoli with his noxious discharge.

There is of course a wider debate but ask yourself in whose interests is it to keep the debate concentrated on pollution as the purported cause of the asthma epidemic. If asbestosis claims were reckoned to be able to wreck the world economy then what could asthma claims, against the pharmaceutical giants and the health services, do ?

It would almost make you think that pharmaceutical giants would want some puppet MPs on board ?

ZumiWeb said...

From anon 11.58 - "in the West we are taught to over breathe." hmmm . . . still at least we don't think too much, just type any old crap that we can think of to make a conspiracy story.

Personally I shall carry on breathing one breath every time the last one is used up.

O'Teen friend! said...

"No one has the right to pollute the air"? Illogical thinking by an anti-smoking extremist, I'm afraid, 11.58. You use electricity? You drive a car? You cook your food? You travel on public transport? Get real and avoid trite sounding but utterly risble terms would you. It's ok to pollute,is it, but as long as its not a whiff of smoke from best Virginia leaf that might asail your sensitive nostrils and your irritating alveoli!