Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Rendezvous Role Answered

Recent represenations have implied that there is a link between the de-dualing of Fort Hill in Margate, and the future redevelopment of the adjacent Rendezvous site. This is inaccurate, and likely to lead to unnecessary concerns on the part of the public.

The facts of the matter are that the current Turner Contemporary design has always included the de-dualing of Fort Hill. This is necessary to obtain both sufficient area, and safe traffic access.

The surrounding area freed up above the Turner development will initially be turned to grassland, and the intention is for it to be modelled into parkland. The Conservative Group fully appreciates the value of this vantage point with its views over Margate Harbour and beach, and welcomes the improvement the road scheme may bring.

There is no link to any intended scheme for the redevelopment of the Rendezvous site. To suggest so is veering toward scare mongering.

Any development proposed for the Rendezvous site will have to go through the full planning process. That will not be linked in any way to the de-dualing of Fort Hill.

Fort Hill is currently a stretch of road where dualing serves no purpose. It is dangerous. There have been a number of serious accidents, some fatal, on this road in recent years. The net result of the de-dualing should be improved safety and amenity for the people of Margate and visitors to the area. As a viewpoint above the new Turner Contemporary, this role will become even more important.

Cllr. Alasdair Bruce, a Cliftonville resident, and expert on the Thanet coastline, comments;

"I welcome KCC’s approach, which pays proper regard to environmental as well as practical issues. It will add significantly to the value of this viewpoint, which is currently just a stretch of noisy and dangerous pavement. It’s a key site in Margate, and the road changes will make it available to all".

"I’m surprised by suggestions of some secret plan to permit higher buildings at the Rendezvous site as a result. This is, quite simply, wrong. For the good of the people of Thanet, we must stick to the facts."


Tony Beachcomber said...

The construction of the Fort Hill dual carriage way was one of the worst planning decisions of all time and ripped the heart out of old Margate. Pictures of the original site are in the archives 5/20/2007.

tony flaig bignews said...

Its interesting that all the running on this project is being made by Maidstone tories, just when are local conservative councillors going to flex their muscle and start leading.

I understood your glorious leader, to state that their was not a chance of Thanet receiving money from any commercial development at the rendezvous site, when I asked him a month or so back, Kent county will be trousering the money.

Just what the hell does the tory group do for thanet? probably less than the romans.

Lets us know when the conservative administration develops a bit of backbone.

Happy new year simon

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Simon, you spoil sport. One of my favourite pastimes is bombing up Fort Hill in the Jag.