Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ramsgate Needs Wind Power

Good to see Thanet South MP Stephen Ladyman reminding the House about Ramsgate and plans for the London Array:

"Before my right hon. Friend leaves the subject of offshore wind power, may I ask him something? He will know that the biggest of the planned wind farms 'the London Array' will be located not far from my constituency and that we hope it will be constructed from the port of Ramsgate. If that comes to pass, east Kent, which is an area of high unemployment, could well become the leading centre of expertise in the construction of offshore wind projects. Will he undertake to do everything in his power to ensure that that wind farm is constructed from Ramsgate?"

Government Minister John Hutton (Secretary of State, Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform) replied:

"I shall certainly do that, and I am happy to work with my hon. Friend to bring that about. All the analysis and the discussion so far today has been about the energy implications of the things that we are talking about*security, climate change and so on*but we should not overlook the prospect that renewable technology and renewable energy sources hold out a good chance of bringing about the birth of a new generation of green-collar jobs in British manufacturing. We should focus on that, possibly not in this debate, but in the months and years ahead. I shall do all I can to work with him and hon. Members on both sides of the House to ensure that the UK extracts the maximum potential benefit from all such technology for our manufacturing base. We can, should and will do more."


Ken Gregory said...

Interesting to see Steve Ladyman saying that wind is good for his constituency, shame it will be only his until the next general election.

Anonymous said...

Had we better not sort our dredging out, as a silted harbour and boats being pulled of the beach INSIDE Ramsgate harbour, do not create the impression that the Local Authority has interests of sea users in mind!
Good picture of latest grounding on ECR!

Tony said...

I think the present state of the harbour already proves that they have no interest of the sea user in mind.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Just a point of order anon. 11:21pm, the picture on my site isn't of the actual grounding this week, merely a generic of a boat entering the harbour. This week's Gazunder appears to have the money shot.

Anonymous said...

Still illustrated the problem nicely, Dickie, old boy.
Were you aware that the aerial eagle eyed Doc produced a scoop on the problem of The New Harbour Beach on Thanetlife in 2005 with a good pic of it growing? When will it be given a 'Blue Flag Award'?; I noticed that it is at least weed free unlike stretches around Foreness that have tons of the stuff, rotting away nicely away from the 'nice' beaches but to great annoyance of locals on the North side!