Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long Arm of the Law

Kent News reports that eight teenage boys were arrested in early morning raid yesterday s at their homes across Thanet as part of an investigation into £110,000 of graffiti damage.

The teenagers, who are aged between 14 and 19, were woken up by police just before 7am on at addresses in Margate, Broadstairs and Birchington.

They were interviewed at Margate Police Station about 995 offences of criminal damage in the Thanet area.

As well as arresting the young people, the 40 police officers involved in the operation seized various items from addresses including computers, note pads and other personal belongings.

The operation, jointly planned by Kent Police and community safety staff at Thanet District Council, follows damage to public and private buildings as well as in open spaces.

Mark Richardson, community safety manager for Thanet District Council, said: “This sends out a strong and clear message that graffiti done in this way will not be tolerated any longer. The district council has, and will continue to, work side by side with Kent Police to ensure that offenders are caught and dealt with.

“This is part of a targeted and prolonged effort by partners to remove graffiti, carry out enforcement against offenders and look at preventative projects to do it lawfully and without damaging anything.”

Police arrested two 14-year-olds, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old from Margate; two 14-year-olds and an 18-year-old from Broadstairs and a 19-year-old from Birchington.

Ed: I'm delighted that the Police have taken action, given the appalling blight and cost that graffiti is causing to our community. The next challenge will be to see if the Magistrate delivers anything stronger than a caution, which is hardly an effective deterrent to the graffiti vandals of today.


anon again! said...

anon again!
I believe, on this occasion, both the Police & the TDC, are to be congratulated for their partnership work against these 'little' criminals.
Now let's see the punishment fit the crime. £13750 damage caused by each of the 'idiot sprayers'. Let's see them cringe & pay up!

Anonymous said...

The Courts will probably let them off as the poor little darlings were traumatised by being woken up so early!
Nick the parents and make them legally responsible. Some of them might actually take the job of being a parent seriously when they have to pay up for their offsprings destruction of other people's property.

Ewen Cameron said...

It’s good to see a firm message being sent out that graffitti is crime. I’m disgusted to see that the back of Margate cricket club has been attacked, as has the wall by it, each facing on to a memorial garden.

Hopefully, if a few more of this particular section of the brain donor club get their collars felt, the message may seep into their dim minds that actions have consequences.

If found guilty, and not excused by sympathy for them having been led astray by the evils of watching too much TV/eating too many frozen meals (whatever), let's hope the Magistrates impose the stiffest penalties they can.


Ewen Cameron

Anonymous said...

Having had our garage door tagged on a number of occasions it was most pleasing to see the little s**t having his collar felt this morning.
I wonder if I can add the cost of 3 coats of paint to his fine,and no I have not reported the graffiti to the police as I find that they will not attend even if I do.

Paul Wells said...

We need to name and shame and punish; all the time these feral yuffs have anonymity and a slap on the wrist from our Criminal Justice system, they will continue their anti-social habits.

Without wishing to change the topic of this item, Simon, its just struck me that we will probably see the new security fence at Culmers Land come in for some decoration when the 'scroats' get round to it; they have already decorated the allotments blue container. Another reason perhaps why the fence needs to be put back on the original walnut fence line behind the screening hedgerow instead of infront of it!


chris wells said...

Could Mr Wells please contact me directly?


Anonymous said...

Wiil do!

Anonymous said...

I was delighted to see the local news yesterday evening, as a Cliftonville resident who suffered from an immature youth or youths who applied their mark to my house wall, it is heartening to see at last the police and local council officers have found the young hooligans who over the past year have made our towns a mess.
I sincerely hope they will be punished for their deeds and also that their parents are named and shamed, public opinion should result in these youngsters and their parents realising there is no room for this unsociable behaviour in Thanet.
Well done TDC and Kent Police!