Friday, January 04, 2008

Flying Wales

Prince William wishes to learn to fly, which is nice, although I hear the RAF are a little worried that the cost of training him, will not be replaced by a budget "top-up" to train one of our very expensive front-line pilots. (pictured)

If you want to be an airline pilot, then the cost of training averages about £30,000. It was about this figure this for my last two “apprentices” in 2007, ‘S’ and ‘J’, who both went on to get ‘proper jobs’ , reduced to penury but having got through the crowd on the basis of their qualifications and commercial experience pulling banners around the country in the summer. They and this season’s pilots now have equally staggering personal loans to repay because unlike some other countries, we don’t even part-fund applicants, who still have to get through an academic hurdle which has been compared to “drinking from a fire hose”!

‘J’ for example received his First Officer job only after he paid an extra £12,000 for a type-rating (at cost to the airline) for the aircraft he now flies, even though he already held an Airbus rating he had previously paid for. At Ryan Air, I’m told you pay for your uniforms too!

Prince William wants to learn to fly helicopters with the RAF too. In civilian life, that’s another £30,000 or so (hours and training) to switch from commercial fixed-wing to a rotary and more technical and theory exams as well.

So given that the taxpayer will be funding all this work experience is it the right thing to do in the circumstances when you see £30 million of taxpayers' money spent on a government scheme to help aspiring pop stars to make it in the music industry but no support for airline pilots and the potential tax return on investment that goes to the Treasury over the lifetime of such a career. Successful pop stars frequently domicile out of the reach of the taxman and taxation and the ambitions of princes never make comfortable bedfellows!.

Meanwhile, don't tell the Prince but the recent surge in use of remotely-controlled robot aircraft by US forces for the Wars on Stuff has meant that substantial numbers of American pilots are now being pulled off normal flight status and assigned to drone-driving duty, according to reports. Read on...

What do you think Train him to fly a drone instead? Much cheaper and he could stay at home too!


Anonymous said...

I am an unashamed Royalist and I believe the cost of such training and insight into the role of the modern RAF absolutely essential for our future Monarch and Head of The Armed Forces. If we can divert more £billions into 'Northern Wreck' than the annual budget for Defence, then I have no moans about a few grand being spent on William Windsor!

Anonymous said...


You undermine your own argument. If the future needs of the armed services are for drone pilots then best train the parasite to fly actual aircraft.

Imagine if a drone pilot is needed in Afghanistan ?

"We only have Windsor and he is not allowed to deploy"

Perhaps he could fly the drone pilots a safe leg of the journey into conflict ?

Anonymous said...

Why does he have to have a high profile job to gain experience in the RAF. Why not join as an Officer Firefighter, Cook, Mechanical Transport Section, Ground Crew Engineering Support, heavy Movement Squadron. I'm sick of the Royal Family. This bloke is happy to spend my tax £s. Replace the Queen with a president, at least he or she can be voted away, when will the House of Windsor, Wales whatever clear off?

Anonymous said...

Take 5.55pm to the Tower and hang, draw and quarter him, the treasonable wretch!

anon again! said...

anon again!

I'm all for him learning to fly properly. He is a great chap and I look forward to seeing him become King in my lifetime.
I just don't understand the anti's at all. I presume they are not British English!

Anonymous said...

There's a simple two-word response to those who would prefer a president to the monarchy, which should make them recoil in horror and think again. "President Blair"

Anonymous said...

How right you are, 9.56! Well said!

Anonymous said...

We need to get rid of all MP's because they are lazy and too much.

We need King Willam as he is hot.


King Dong said...

Listen to the Monarchists, listen to their lame excuses to keep a head of state in power for the reason that they are Royal and nothing else. You deserve to be kept in your place for your apathy and nothing else you losers.

sue said...

Train him to drive a bus and then make him earn a living doing it.

Anonymous said...

To all you royalists out there, can you honestly tell me that Prince edward, Prince andrew, his ex-wife and their offspring, The Kents and all the other hangers-on are actually value for money ?
This is the 21st century, do we really need a disfunctional family of foreign extraction setting an 'example' to the rest of us ? They are an outdated and obselete part of our history. Send them to Russia, they know how to treat royalty !
There will never be a classless society for as long as the royalists are prepared to bow their heads to these parasitic leeches. The sooner Camilla becomes queen, the sooner we will be shot of them.

Anonymous said...

Intemperate comments from a Republican, 1:28pm! So. if I get this right, you seem to be implying with the comment 'Send them to Russia, they know how to treat royalty' that our Royal Family should be executed summarily in a cellar with pistols placed against the heads of the children and babies? If I had suggested such treatment for any 'foreigner' as a way to solve a problem, quite rightly , tou would be on my case immediately. So what makes you think it is acceptable to mete out such treatment to our Royal Family.
Your comments are disgraceful and I might add, verging on the criminal!

Michael Child said...

Without royalty I suppose it’s either president Brown or President Cameron, neither of whom would, I think have the reactions to fly an armed drone.