Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cockpit View

Strangely enough, I was sitting in the medical centre of the CAA Safety Regulation Group building at Gatwick this afternoon, watching the news on a big screen TV with some other pilots just after the incident at Heathrow with a Boeing 777 occurred.

I've embedded an approach view from the cockpit of the same model 777 Boeing, a KLM flight into Schipol, so you can see what happens during the final approach moments. Today's events did give some cause for speculation among those of us watching the news report at Gatwick. It would be strange, if not amazing if both engines from such a modern and reliable aircraft suddenly lost power at that vital moment, so I have some ideas of my own. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured in what could have been a catastrophic event if the aircraft had impacted ten seconds earlier outside the airport boundary.


Eastcliff Richard said...

All very reassuring for us poor so-and-sos here in Ramsgate who have to watch in trepidation as those knackered old Jumbos fly over our heads every 9 minutes!

Anonymous said...

At least the 747 has 4 engines, the worrying thing about this 777 is that it was quite new and for both engines to fail at one time is so unheard of that they are allowed to fly far out in the ocean well out of so called gliding range of an airport.
I maybe oldfashioned but I like 4 engines transatlantic and I don't like unsolved mysteries on any model of aircraft I am flying in.
Sooner we find out what happened the better.
My money would be on a fuel fault or a computer malfunction.
What about all those 777's of a similar age and history flying today?
I hope I won't be in one today on Delta transatlantic flying back to Sunny Margate.

Anonymous said...

What if this was a test run for a terrorist device that delivered an electro-magnetic pulse and knocked out all of the plane's systems thus causing it to crash? If the device currently has limited range it would have to be done on final approach, however, now that the technology has been proved to work all the terrorit's efforts can go into increasing the power. I feel a Hollywood screenplay coming on!