Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Big Bang

It's reported that teenagers at Whitstable have a new and very dangerous game, which may yet be imported in our direction, given the popularity of YouTube and social networking sites.

Apparently, "Parts of Whitstable were rocked on Tuesday night after a group of youths threw a calor gas canister onto a bonfire on the seafront causing an explosion that sent debris flying as far as half a mile across town.The flying “shrapnel” damaged roofs and cars, and a section of metal was recovered from outside St Peter's Church. "

Something as 'spectacular' as an explosion is bound to attract imitators from the the bored and feckless, so let's hope any remaining beach huts containing cylinders on our part of the coast, are securely locked and that Whitstable's 'Big Bang' was a purely local affair.


anon again! said...

anon again!

Keep this action by the Whitstable idiots quiet.
It's going to happen here anyway sooner or later, so why the rush. Police must do Beach/Prom Patrols on Friday & Saturday dark hours during Winter BUT every night during the Summer months. The Thanet idiots gather mainly at Westbrook Prom or Joss/Botany. Anyone young and suspisciously seen carrying a gas container must be nabbed there & then, or reported to Thanet's Valliant Cop's.... in order to stop someone getting killed, even if it is an idiot. (maybe your son/daughter).
Like every Boy Scout.... be prepared!

Anonymous said...

That was only a 2.5 kilo gas container,imagie what would happen if the SS Montgomery went bang.

Anonymous said...

has it appeared on Bebo or Youtube yet? Mad;mad;mad!

Atom Bomb Bob said...

If the SS Montgomery went bang we'd have a few less idiots I suspect.