Thursday, January 31, 2008

All Things Being Equal

A further thought encouraged by the "Green Waste" story below.

I like to think that readers will stop-by this weblog for an occasional reality check. Of late, we're seeing far too many half truths peddled around online, like the museum story, the audit commission report and many more, which attempt to encourage people to draw conclusions that have little real basis in fact. I try very hard to get the details right here.

Recently and on another weblog I referred to a principle attributed to the 14th-century English logician and Franciscan friar William of Ockham, often paraphrased as "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best."

Where Thanet is involved and the stories you read, William of Ockham has a lesson for us all. The simplest of these being that Thanet is short of money and the economic climate is steadily worsening and costs are rising.

Here at least, you can raise questions and concerns and because of the acceptable use policy in place, you are unlikely to be abused. Criticised perhaps but you may get an answer, a "grown-up" argument and perhaps some action on the subject, like the great Broadstairs fence debate, taken by others who might note your concerns.

I would ask you to think back to a time before this weblog and how you might have been able to express your local worries and opinions then and have them read and taken seriously by those who may be able to help and make a difference?

Like the letter on green waste, by all means please write-in. I can't promise to publish or respond to every email or comment but I do try to either reply, forward or give your concern a hearing or even encourage some debate.


Anonymous said...

A lot of people seem to think that refuse collection is the only thing that their council tax pays for.
If you do not go out much,or have no need to use the emergency services or libraries or the hundred other things the council tax helps to pay for, then that perception can appear valid.
There needs to be better information given to the public,but even then they will still moan.

Eastcliff Richard said...

'Stop by for an occasional reality check'? Surely you mean 'laugh'.

Eastcliff Richard said...

And while we're at it, since you don't peddle 'half truths', perhaps you could direct us to where on this blog we can we read the whole truth about Roger Gale's mate Derek Conway and his 'nice little earner', eh?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Oh, and I predict you'll probably get abusive now and call me a 'troll' or something.

DrMoores said...

I was out all of yesterday when the Derek Conway story gathered pace and it has been commented on extensively. Would you like me to add my own condemnation of what he did?

Curiously enough, I just tried posting a comment to my own weblog and it's evaporated, so it does happen from time to time!

DrMoores said...

You see ECR, I believe that readers are more than intelligent enough to judge the difference between us and our respectived content. Snide comments, are, I'm afraid your forte and I simply can't compete. I am not, after all, an anonymous character!

What, I ask, can you do to make even a small difference with the constant dripping of acid cynicism and hyperbole. Do you think what you write makes the people who can make changes more responsive or more resistant?

By asking questions and inviting comment, you provide an important resource but you could, if you really wanted to, achieve so much more and it doesn't matter if your politics are Blue, Red or vaguely pink.

Keep the humour but lose the unpleasant and visceral streak. Encourage polite dialogue rather than "Tory Tosser" language and by all means tell us where, with the resources we have available, things can be improved; that's if you really care?

Anonymous said...

The strength and value of this blog is the ability to raise issues and have exchanges of ideas without harrassment. There is however a problem with TDC at the moment and possibly has been for this and previous administrations and it is simply what many perceive to be the lack of true community involvement. The corporate plan says:

" We will identify what would bring people together, highlighting common goals as well as tackling genuine feelings of inequality by working with the community and voluntary sector and Parish Councils.
The Council is committed to ensuring that residents continue to have every opportunity to be involved in the decision making processes."

Seeing the abusive and dismissive attitude by TDC Cllrs on this site and ECRs site to parish Councillors and to the lack of community involvement in the Culmers Land Fence Fiasco is it any wonder that frustrations vent themselves on blogs. There is a malaise in Thanet that 'there is no pointin talking to TDC because they just get on with it the way they want anyway without reference to us'. TDC has a long way to go to achieve true community involvement that is ocurring in other Councils; Canterbury has an approach that TDC might wish to emulate.

Anonymous said...

"I like to think that readers will stop-by this weblog for an occasional reality check."

That is of course your reality, and god forbid anyone should disagree with you!

There have been a number of true stories published on your blog recently that you have rubbished, but have been seen to be true.

In the good old days, if you look at your own archives, you would see that you put up an 'independant' unbiased view on things. Now, you just follow the party line, and your site is poorer as a result.

Anonymous said...

" like the great Broadstairs fence debate, taken by others who might note your concerns"

With respect, you buried this item on the end of another strand, and then stated it was not of interest to you.

Now that it is becoming an issue, you now claim to be the catalyst for things that are happening!

Do you have any honour or integrity?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Readers come to my blog because they are disillusioned with the current administration. I do not encourage them to use phrases such as 'Tory tosser', but they do anyway, which demonstrates the strength of feeling out there. Personally I usually refer to the Tories as 'Blue Rinsers'. Feel free to search my site for 'Tory tossers' though. I just did, and all it threw up was references to your Tory leader Sandy Ezekiel calling the Mayor of Margate a '----ing tosser' at a public function last year, which is a matter of common knowledge.

As for whether my 'constant dripping of acid cynicism and hyperbole' makes people more responsive or more resistant, to be frank I don't give a Sandy. All I'm interested in is opening people's eyes to what's going on around here.

You're right about one thing, though. I am good at snide comments, aren't I?!?!?

Right, I'm off now to cook up another bowl of constant dripping, acid cynicism and hyperbole. Must tell Heston about that one!

DrMoores said...

Lets' have some facts which at least two of te contributors to this thread conveniently ignore.

1) A rumour is not a true story. A story requires a level of substantive evidence before I follow the lead of others before I give it credence by publishing it. There are a number of very malicious contributors to this weblog and I cannot hide behind the feeble excuse of being an anonymous character. As a result, if a story appears to be malicious or has a hidden agenda, I will treat it withthe caution it deserves.

If you have a proper story then email me so that I can see who you are.

2) The Culmers fence story I did not find to be of immediate interest but still I published it on an active thread to see if it would stimulate interest. It did.

It was not hidden!

By being published it has acted as a catalyst for debate and has been discussed where it should be.

Ipso Facto If I had not published it, it would not have been a story! I do hope 11:14 can follow the logic?

3. I choose what I can and cannot publish here. Not 11:14 or ECR. What interests me may not interest others and vice versa but generally it works.

4) Being "Disillusioned" is one thing, trying to do one's part to make things a little better is another. Thanet has one of the highest levels of deprivation in the country and is chronically short of the resources it needs. As a result the administration, with all its weaknesses, has to concentrate on its priorities, which may not be your priority or mine!

Anonymous said...

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