Tuesday, January 01, 2008

All Quiet on the Northern Front

So I hope that everyone managed to watch the Spice Girls new year's special last night? What, you didn't? The BBC thought police will be around to re-educate you in the month ahead.

I did notice today that the BBC's "Breakfast Dermot" Murnaghan has fled to a new career on Sky News. Now when I worked for Sky, presenters went in the other direction and so Dermot's arrival may illustrate the steadily declining news credibility of the 'Beeb'.

Thanks for all the good wishes for 2008. I haven't quite recovered yet myself and so in lieu of a test card, here's a quick YouTube video until I can think of something better. Until then please carry-on gossiping among yourselves. Based on yesterday's traffic, you don't really need me to keep the entertainment going!


Ewen Cameron said...

A happy new year to you and yours, Simon, and to all here.

I saw the new year in standing with my wife on Broadstairs harbour arm, in my Ward, and credit goes to whoever was scripting the fireworks. A spectacular display, and very well attended.

Less happy was dinner in Margate beforehand. Dinner was excellent, but the streets were awash with feral youth and the noise escape from pubs with sound systems designed to induce brain damage. Notably, a group of half a dozen pimply track suit owners were openly smoking skunk in the street outside the restaurant, whilst another, clearly under the influence of all kinds of things, was trying to argue his eviction from the pub opposite. One year ends, another begins….

Thanks for the fish slapping clip – now that takes me back a bit!

With regards

Ewen Cameron

Michael Child said...

Happy new year to you all, having watched Monty Python’s Meaning of Life that was televised in the early hours of this morning and gone to bed singing “Every Sperm Is Sacred”.

In the cold light of day wondering why my teeth seem to have dissolved and coated my tongue in this strange way, it occurred to me to make a somewhat pessimistic prediction for 2008.

As it needs pictures to see what I mean you will need to go to http://thanetonline.blogspot.com/2008/01/predictions-for-2008.html to follow me, sorry Simon but I think they will soon come back.

Ewen living in the town centre as I do, I can only agree that it is becoming too unpleasant to go out of my own front door at night.

Anonymous said...

I was at Charlie's house last night and thought that I would have a look at this interesting Blog myself.

Yes I agree, under Thanet's Con administration Margate has gone down hill rapidly

David Walton

IA supporter (Ramsgate Branch) supporter

bob ellender said...

Where did my comment go???????

Anonymous said...

I like this test from sky news it give you a change to run the country as the PM



Proud Conservative Patriot

Anonymous said...


Tory Boy!

Reg (PPFFIIT) said...

There's more of them in Ramsgate? They have a Ramsgate Branch as well? I had better call an extraordinary meeting of the brothers/sisters of the Popular Peoples Front for Inaction in Thanet(PPFFIIT) to discuss this alarming news.

Anonymous said...

Hi to David I enoyed reading our leader's letter in the Thanet Times today.


Anonymous said...

And of course Thanet was really doing well under Labour! Ha ha ha ha. Oh I need to lie down and stop laughing!

grim reaper said...

Dear Charlie aka Loretta. Has Thanet Inaction's great leader (Stan) written a letter?
Thats almost action.
If he carries on like this (a letter a year) world domination beckons but you'll need to clone his nose to get more members!

Anonymous said...

Labour will be replaced in Thanet by Thanet Independent Action


IA Ramsgate

DrMoores said...

I see everyone is doing quite well without me!

Is "1A Ramsgate" an address? Is the "CT" part missing?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh 515 you rotten liars! Charlie told me Inaction wasn't political, just anti anything to do with improving Thanet!
I'm not going to join now, even for a free bag of otters noses!