Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Accident in the Avenue - Police Appeal for Witnesses

There's been a serious accident in Westgate Bay Avenue in Westgate this evening, just past Beach Road. The road has been closed for almost two hours now and I'm keeping the kettle going for some very cold and miserable PCSOs who are keeping the public outside the cordon - tied with blue and white tape to my front gate - and diverting traffic away from the scene, while the police record the scene.

At the moment, I'm unable to glean any more details from the police as to what has actually happened and the nature of any injuries but the same stretch of road has seen, in my memory, five accidents in four years, which is one reason I'm keen on seeing traffic calming measures as both Westbrook Avenue and Westgate Bay Avenue pick-up more and more traffic as a quick run through to and from Margate and Birchington.

On a separate note, I noticed a wind gust of 94mph along the English Channel south-east of Ramsgate this afternoon on the wind map; quite remarkable!


Collision witness appeal....

Police are now asking for witnesses to come forward. A man was in collision with a Ford Ka at 5pm on Westgate Bay Avenue. The man suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to QEQM. Kent Police’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit attended the scene and is conducting an investigation.

Anyone with information is urged to call the witness appeal line on 01622 798538, or call Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Calls are free and you do not have to give your name.


anon again! said...

anon again!
We came through at 19:30 & it was still closed. I think there was something lying on the path Station side of the road, it was dark though so couldn't see too much.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Westgate Bay Avenue from my experience is the too frequent sppeding car which hurtles along the road at 50+. The house at Westbrook end has just replaced wall and bollards; the last time it was repaired it lasted less than a month. I hope you can influence our chaps in blue to start putting the occasional team with a camera on the road. We have enough clutter and street furniture on roads without messing this lovely road up; lets just nobble the anti-social element hard.

Anonymous said...

I had a property in Westgate Bay Avenue (WBA) for 40 years. Even 20 years ago In the winter months the speed was always fast but in the Summer when all the visitors' were parked outside the Flats & Hotels the speed was considerably slower.

Regretfully with most of the properties being converted and now that planning permission is being given for off street parking and drive inns this encourages people to speed because of the wide open road. Would you not think that the more vehicles parked in the road that this might make drivers more cautious?

I live near another potential death trap. Cars speed along this road (past a school) in one direction to miss the Westgate Traffic Lights and in the other to get to the golf course. Yes I purposefully walk up to the golf course to see if the offending vehicle (Porsche)is parked near by. (and yes I know that it's not a resident's vehicle)

Perhaps the Police could issue hand held speed cameras to volunteers so that they can catch the speeders both in the evenings and at weekends?


Anonymous said...

I love the terminology the police use ' a man was in collision with a Ford Ka'. What a euphamism for a pedestrian was 'run down' by a car! In Cliftonville the most common form of 'people being in collision with cars' has been the elderly pedestrian crossing a road off the main Northdwn Road and being hit by motorists turning off the Northdown Road carelessly and without due caution and not realising that the pedestrian has RIGHT OF WAY when crossing a side street at the junction with a main road! We really must be careful as we drive along streets that pedestrians use; they have as much right to use the roads as we do. I was alarmed this morning to see a mother and children walking correctly by facing the on-coming traffic in Minster Road as she walked her children to school from the junction with Shottendane Road. Fellow motorists were not giving them room or consideration at all! Rumour has it that Wetgate Residents Assoc has a scheme in hand to sort this out. Does any one have any details?