Wednesday, December 19, 2007

With a couple of days left, I'm seeing renewed interest in my eBay charity auction for an aircraft Christmas banner and a ride in the aircraft. Thank you Tony Flaig and ECR for your kind offers of support. However, bidding has yet to start on the eBay auction proper and time is running-out.

It's an eBay auction so that it's completely transparent. I'm delighted to hear that people and even fictional characters are happy to send cheques to charity but as it's been placed in the public domain, I think it's only proper that if anyone wishes to bid for the main prize they go through the correct process.

If nobody takes-up the online bid then I'm happy to pass on any cheques made out to the "NSPCC". If you are feeling generous, then please send these to the address on the airads website (bottom of the page) and I will report back here and to the local media on how much has been raised from readers over the holiday period.

Monday being Christmas Eve, weather permitting, expect me to be up above Thanet with something!

So if you are feeling generous...!


Anonymous said...

Since the Dirty Dozen option idea was mine, I have posted a cheque for 12.50 payable to NSPCC to the address on the website.

All you need now is another eleven rogues and vagabonds and you have your first 150 quid for the cause.

Merry Christmas

The Incorrigible Rogue

DrMoores said...

That's very kind of you - Thank you!