Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sealed Bids

The sealed bids are starting to appeat, for a ride in the aircraft on Monday, as co-pilot, while I tow the NSPCC charity "MERRY XMAS FROM THANET BLOGGERS" around Thanet.

I would like to once again thank those involved for wonderful support in a good cause and let's hope the weather stays fine for the occasion!

Remember, that "sealed" offers need to be emailed to my email address given in the previous story.

Meanwhile, a crazy Russian needs to propose to his girlfriend over Canterbury this afternoon, so I'll look forward to seeing if those kind people at KMFM 106.2 can drum -up some more interest while I'm out!


ZumiWeb said...

A pedant writes: KMFM is 107.2, surely?

DrMoores said...

Thanks for spotting it.. a finger slip!
Mind you they have the story ball wrong on the radio.
Ah well!