Friday, December 14, 2007

Pentameter Strikes in Thanet

With the deprivation that Thanet suffers from, it doesn't surprise me that we might figure in somewhere in the sex-trade and human trafficking league. Chairing, as I do, the "Tackling Organised Crime" congress, the statistics of misery are far greater than most readers would ever imagine!

Seven people were arrested yesterday and eight women are being cared for by specialist officers following a Kent Police operation to target people trafficking and the sex trade.

Early on Thursday morning more than 100 police officers from across the county visited 11 addresses in Margate, Ramsgate, Canterbury, Herne Bay and Sittingbourne where warrants were executed.

According to the report, detailed searches of those properties were carried out. Four of the addresses are understood to have been used as brothels. The other locations are believed to be home addresses of people suspected of being involved in the crimes. Police say further arrests are anticipated.

A Kent Police spokesman commented: "This is part of the nationwide campaign Operation Pentameter 2, led by the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Home Office, which aims to protect vulnerable people being exploited by organised criminal groups. Kent Police is playing an active role."

"The seven people have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic women for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to control the activity of prostitutes for gain or money laundering, together with drug offences.

Thousands of pounds in cash have also been recovered.

Anyone with any information about trafficking is urged to contact Kent Police on 01622 690690 or Kent Crimestoppers, free and anonymously, on 0800 555 111. In an emergency, always dial 999.


Anonymous said...

I have no problems about a woman following 'the oldest profession' if she is in 'business' as a sole trade like 'Mature Vicky' who advertised in The Thanet Times for years. Gangs and trafficking of vulnerable young women is apalling and I wish Kent Police every success in continuing to root out this vile crime. If we were to follow the German approach to have registered brothels, there would be automatic protection and inspection and it would keep the ponces in organised gangs out of the equation. Because we have hang-ups about the morality of it all we will continue to have gangs trading in human misery.

Anonymous said...

only a few few weeks ago i was talking to michael at his bookshop about this very subject,a man in cliftonville was overheard by myself and a few others offering his two "daughters" to a couple of men,the price was a paltry £15 per girl for a half-hour "massage".
We all know about the brothels and drinking dens that are on the increase in Thanet and it is about time the local police cracked
down on them.