Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas One and All

And we raised £312.50 for the NSPCC too!

I will post an envelope stuffed with cheques, later this week. Thanks to everyone who contributed and if we are lucky, some more cheques might be on the way. Special mention to Tony Flaig, ECR and Paul Nettleingham for making the flight a memorable success. Thanks also to KMFM for their support!

A further note of thanks to those of you who are sending me email and asking how you can donate directly. You can donate online if you wish to the NSPCC website or send a cheque to NSPCC. Freepost WC1 613.

Paul's partner Lynn, pictured with Tony and Paul, survived the experience of being my co-pilot and I've embedded the video of the flight below. You may have spotted us over the towns and of course Westwood Cross at 1pm.

Have a great Christmas everyone and a happy and healthy 2008 ahead!


Anonymous said...

Bloody marvellous, Thanet bloggers! A wonderful way of raising money for charity and at the same time putting differences to one side. Happy Christmas to you all Doc, ECR and Tony in particular!

Dr. FeelGood said...

Saw you as I wandered into Tescos, or rather my wife did as she said to me, "Theres that Doctor bloke you know"!