Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drive Carefully

Between council meetings and lots of pre-Christmas flying work, I don't seem to be home much at present. Contrary to what you might have read elsewhere, the online auction for the eBay auction for a Christmas message banner - proceeds to charity - is still running; up until Christmas Eve and if nobody bids for it, then I'll write my own cheque out to the NSPCC.

Considering that the winner gets a free flight and the opportunity of advertising to the greater population of Thanet at Christmas, its a great offer and if you have a business, it should be tax deductible too!

We've been busy yesterday and today "beating-up" Bluewater and Lakeside with a big sheet banner for a client. In spite of the credit-crunch, both mega-shopping-malls appear to be heaving with Christmas shoppers, and the QEII Bridge and M25 in between, packed with traffic. Best stay at home I think.

True to the Christmas spirit, the so-called "Kent Road-safety Partnership" is busy speed-trapping drivers on the way in and out of Westgate past the King Ethelbert's school, so be aware. The usual place as described in an earlier story, just as the dual carriageway goes from 40 to 30 mph and quite probably making a healthy sum of money too.

Not quite the Christmas card that many of us would like, so drive carefully and remember, "Tis the season to be making money from motorists too."


Michael Child said...

Simon I looked at this and think that the reason you have no takers is that you just can’t find it on ebay I have put all of the likely search words into ebay, Thanet advertising, air banner, Thanet aircraft and it never comes up the only way anyone could possibly find it is from the link on your blog. We have quite a few items on ebay and I get an expert to put them on for me I won’t bother to put a link anything to do with this area and books should come up, it’s mostly to do with getting a lot more in the description. I won’t be a taker as have given up all my environmentally dubious fun indefinitely although may get a motorbike next year, better for short runs than the car, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

DrMoores said...

Thanks Michael. I had hoped that "Aircraft Banner" might have worked as that's what it is?

All suggestions gratefully received

Michael Child said...

Google’s robot like Apophatic theology seems to be more interested in what it isn’t, I’ll try to do a tagged page tomorrow and link it, a certain Mr Norway has a great quote in an aviation novel about the temptation of doing good, I will try and look that out too I think it was the Lonely Road, by the way the last speeding ticket I got in Thanet was on a BSA super rocket 110 in a 30, £30 fine life was easier in the 60s and that how fast you get if you open up to overtake a long lorry from back to front.

Anonymous said...

You might find yourself towing an advertisment for other blogs if they can get some readies together!

Anonymous said...


How much does he want ? 150 quid.

If we do it by a Dirty Dozen that is 12.50 each ? Plus an entry to the tow message draw ?

Then draw the possible tow message out of the hat ?

If you can also get a Dolly Dozen then Simon can raise 300. The draw would be of 24 entries ?

Best wishes from

Rick the Ideas Man

Anonymous said...

The old search it is tricky. Ideally you want as many "keywords" (that is words and phrases used in search) in the title as possible. Almost all search systems use the title. Then if the system is more advanced (no comment on the ebay engine) use those keywords is headings and body text.

I sometime whim search and might type Thanet or Kent or Margate (or something like that) you might or might not (more likely) show up for such searches.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Merry Christmas Doc! I have decided to put rivalries aside for the festive season, and Bignews Tony Flaig and I are prepared to stump up 75 sovs each if you can do a banner which reads something like MERRY XMAS FROM THANET'S BLOGGERS.

I've put out an appeal on my blog for other Thanet buggers, er, bloggers to join in, so hopefully the final figure will be more than the £150. Neither Tony nor myself have any desire to take to the air in your Cessna or whatever it is, so an added incentive is that we'll hold a draw to see who's to be your co-pilot.

The NSPCC sounds like a splendid idea, so much better than the Oasis Pilots' Benevolent Fund!

Eastcliff Richard said...

£170 so far. Plus a suggestion that we donate the ride to a deserving Thanet child.

DrMoores said...

Excellent news. You can of course choose the charity but it really has to be a registered one so that it all appears proper, correct and above board. Start bidding!

Anonymous said...

I will send you a cheque to boost your fund to the Council Offices?

I am assuming the Dirty and Dolly Dozen idea above is now superfluous to requirements as the ball is rolling ?

Merry Christmas Rick

DrMoores said...

Dear Rick - Thank you for your offer. To keep matters absolutely transparent this is being run as an eBay auction and will go to the highest bidder.
Many thanks!