Saturday, December 29, 2007

Deed Not Breed

Following the tragic death of a child, mauled by a Rottweiler dog, you may have seen the interview on Sky News, of a spokeswoman from a group called "Deed Not Breed", claiming that no one breed of dog is more dangerous than another.

Although she firmly believes that Labradors and Spaniels present the same level of danger to children as Pit Bull Terriers and Rottweilers, the tragic statistics show otherwise and her ludicrous argument was very politely disassembled by the facts.

However, of late I've noticed, as you might have, an increase in the number of the larger and more aggressive breeds in Thanet, sometimes in pairs and rarely under the firm control of the owner. The popular Thanet Pit Bull appears to be in decline but other unusual breeds that I recognise from TV coverage appear to be on the increase locally or at least that's my impression.

Have you noticed the same?


Anonymous said...

There seems to me to be an increase of dog's mess lately, as well.
The vast majority of dog owner's take great trouble to remove and dispose of ther dogs doings, but there seems to be an increasing minority with no respect for others or the environment.

Anonymous said...

Staffordshire Bull terriers seem to have gained in popularity again with many young dogs/puppies on leads straining at the 'leash'. They make wonderful pets but need to be trained properly. I do not believe you should ever have dogs around young toddlers and babies and certainly not strange dogs. Such deaths are so tragic and unnecessary as they can be avoided by applying just a little commonsense.

Anonymous said...

There does seem to be a correlation between the type of dog and the type of owner. Not that all Rotweiller/pit bull owners are low life's.
What I don't understand is how they can afford to feed them when the majority of people that own this kind of dog seem to be living on benefits.

Anonymous said...

Your post points out the obvious. That there are a large number of irresponsible dog owners in Thanet that do not correctly raise or handle their dogs. Reading between the lines of this tragic incident, the BBC state the dog lived in the back yard rather than the house and the baby was brought out to the dog in the yard by minor. Children should not be left alone with large animals. The french woman who was the world's first face transplant was mauled by her pet labrador. If her dog had been a so called dangerous breed, imagine the headlines. I believe laying the blame at the door of specific breeds rather than their irresponsible owners is a mistake. Thanet does have a problem with irresponsible dog owners and they're attracted to so called powerful breeds without the commitment to raising them into well balanced pets.