Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Christmas Carol?

With Christmas just over two weeks away, I've had an idea which I hope will raise a nice sum for charity.

Over on eBay, I've started an auction for a "Charity Christmas or New Year's Aircraft Banner"; "Proceeds to the NSPCC or registered charity of the winner's choice."

The advert is self-explanatory but in summary, on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve (winner's choice), we are offering a flight with the winner's Christmas message over the county. "The same lucky winner will also have the option of joining the flight - suitably dressed as Father Christmas (optional) to spread goodwill and cheer over the county!"

The bidding is starting at £150 and I've let the papers know and gave a quick interview on KMFM today, so it will be interesting to see if a little positive publicity will encourage a generous and charity-minded company or individual to bid?

On a related aviation note, I had a funny enquiry last week from a Russian businessman who wants to propose to his girlfriend. Initially, he wanted an aircraft around 'Big Ben' and Westminster Bridge and I did explain that this could be difficult, as it takes 21 days to get the appropriate permissions and we don't have a twin-engined aircraft - the one we used for the Ministry of Defense on Veterans Day - available. "No problem, I buy you the aircraft", well almost but in the end I managed to convince him that the aircraft had to be properly certfied for aerial work by the CAA, so money wasn't the answer.

He finally settled for Canterbury this month and the message in English, as I don't have any cyrillic letters to hand, mind you, it's on a par with the one I had to do in Turkish over Leeds Castle last year!


Tony Beachcomber said...

SAVE THE MARGATE MUSEUM it is under threat of closure.It is on the next cabinet agenda.

Tony Beachcomber said...

SAVE THE MARGATE MUSEUM it is under threat of closure.It is on the next cabinet agenda.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Sorry to hijack this thread ed. Margate Museum is under threat of closure at the next cabinet meeting.
There has been no consultation with any of the museum users, donors and people who have contibuted to conserving and recording the history of our town.
The decision is going to based on statistics that do not reflect the true running costs of the margate museum it is based on the overall EKMT grant against visitor figures at all venues. It is very deceitful of the council to do this weeeks before christmas and not consult anybody. I have been investigating TDC management of art,artefacts and archives for years see my blog for more info.

Anonymous said...

That's shocking news. The museum not only has great displays buts some invaluable archive materials. These include, to my own knowledge, the remains of the Sunbeam and East Kent Times photo/negative collections and also a lo of original Dreamland material.

Nick, Whitstable

Tony Beachcomber said...

Nick, your right the Museum does house the Sunbeam collection. The photography is like a work of art covers the Thanet coastline from the late 1930's to the 1970's.
The ed, has some in his picture archive and they are worth looking at with the rest of his archive.

Michael Child said...

What do you call a town with no shops no schools no cinema no museum no leisure facilities apart from bars, search me. I had thought that all of this was just due to lack of finance, call me cynical but I am beginning to think there may be, what for want of a worse conclusion, a powerful lobby from Westwood Cross saying that all the money must be spent there. For me when sighting the new swimming pools on the seafronts where they would enhance tourism wasn’t thought to be worth consideration, I started to smell a large rat.

Please Simon consider posting the museum closure subject up as a separate blog I put it up on mine yesterday but far more people look at yours.

I am trying to get as much local history in print as I can 110 publications so far, most reprints of items you would expect to find in your local history archive but there is only me doing it.

Well Tony and anyone else out there you could help by scanning as much material as you can and sending it to me for publication, before it’s all put into storage where no one can see it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Westwood Cross. I would really like to know who is making threatening phone calls to the maker of Thanet Under Threat, Christine Tongue.

See Yourthanet latest.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Museum latest, at 10am this morning the chairman of the EKMT and the EKMT administrator met with council officers to be told of the proposals. Even though the agenda item had been published beforehand they had not been told.
When they returned at 11am they said nothing went in the back office and closed the door, the expression on their faces said it all.
While this was happening ward councillor Iris Johnston arrived at the Margate Museum with the cabinet agenda to express her concerns. The press who had been onto the story before everyone else also turned up. A photo was taken with interested parties pledged to save the museum.
After a informal general discussion it was decided there will be a fight to save the museum.
While this was going on I just happened to see a Conservative member of the council walk by, I asked him if he had heard the news,to be honest he was just as surprised as everyone else and I beleive him.

Michael that is a excellent idea, perhaps people should also photo the collections on display as a insurance policy if they are dismantled.

Finally, is there anyone out there organising a fight to save the maritime museum as Margate is already quick off the mark already

Anonymous said...

BBC South East reported TDC are playing with ex M&S site again as a Turner Contemporary annex (presumably to justify Miss Pomeroy's employment since 2002 as director of a 'gallery' that doesn't exist and the employment of a 'curator' in Jan of a collection that doesn't exist). Is the move on Margate Museum a further step to turn it into a TC annex perhaps?

Michael Child said...

As a bookseller in Thanet I am in a position to be able to tell you the communities interest in contemporary art relative to local history. I sell books about both subjects I have 38 shelves devoted to Kent history 17 shelves devoted to art about a shelf of which is more modern than Picasso.

One suggestion stop charging an entrance fee for the museums you can have a full stock of local history books on a sale or return basis at 40% discount which I will be happy to invoice only after you have sold them, which should make up for the loss of revenue.

bob ellender said...

Hi Tony.

I hope this situation gets sorted I know you have a great deal to do with this museum and wouldn't be a shame to lose something else that provides local history for local people.

On a second note does anyone know why Cllr Greens Blogsite is no longer running as It hasnt had a posting since Sept????

Anonymous said...


You are being disingenuous in your thread stealing subject.

(1) Any right minded person would agree the importance of a local history resource.

As you know, I often encounter a problem with people who believe that past events, of even a few decades ago, could not have any relevance to their lives today.

For example you might think that the death of a charity nurse in Suffolk in 1972 could have no relevance to your life today. A proper police investigation would have meant, beyond doubt, that Maggie Thatcher would never have become Prime Minister. Two of the MI6 founders of the charity were the men who steered Thatcher to power. A proper investigation in 1972 would have raised the principle that be you ever so high the law must be above you and questioned the mechanisms by which these men were de facto above the law.

If you go back a little further to the great postwar decisions, to become an independent nuclear power and to pacify the people with a sham of a welfare state, those two same names crop up again.

The great fallacy the welfare state is based on ? To seek to maintain a claimant at the level he has reached. IE The homeless man ispaid a daily cash to keep him homeless whereas the duke with his mortgage can get a discretional decision to pay his benefits to keep him in his castle.

So you get no argument from me on the importance of history and museums.

(2) My argument is that you try to sell the problem as one lot. When in reality there are separate issues which should be separately weighed. How much has TDC given EKMT in funding to run the museums ? How have they performed ? In keeping museums open should they be part of the solution ? What are the qualifications of EKMT staff ? has there been police investigation into activity at the museums run by EKMT ? Were they picked up for failing to comply with fire precautions many years into receiving generous direct funding ? What are their visitor numbers ?

Oh Simon did you give the press cutting I sent to a Manston Museum OK ? I thought you might do a thread on that one, an inspirational story.

How is the bidding going ? Where's Phil Thorley then ... get yer wallet out man. He could do a charity parachute jump at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Still no bids for the flight I see

anon again! said...

anon again!
If the museum closes due to lack of funds, then the Turner Contempo should NEVER enter the possibility of being built, because the same thing will happen within 10 years.

Tony Beachcomber said...

The reason why I jumped in with the Museums issue was because Thanetlife is the most popular blog in Thanet. I just wanted to circulate the museums issue by the quickest possible route.
anon 4:49 I can give you answers but not on simon's site. I think it is best to remember that simon is trying to do something for charity on this thread. so it is no more museum from me on this thread unless the ed decides to open up the debate.
You could debate with me on my blog, I could do with the company as my hits are really low.

Tony Beachcomber said...

My Blog is Thanetbeachcombers.blogspot.com if you want to debate the proposed museum closures.

DrMoores said...

Re: Press Cutting - Thanks but it's still here. I couldn't actually see the relevance to the Spitfir museum in the content other than that the unfortunate and inexperiences young pilot crashed his Spitfire a long way from Manston to which he had no visible connection?

Anonymous said...

Ramsgate Maritime Museum is apparently going the same way.