Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Body Discovered on the Margate Beach

Following closely on the heels of last nights traffic disruption along Margate seafront, caused by a potentially dangerous arcade sign, Police were once again cordoning-off areas of the seafront opposite Dreamland, when a man's body was discovered on the beach by a passer-by.

No further details are available at present. I was one of the first walking past the incident as the cordon was being set-up, on my way to a licensing committee meeting at the council offices.


Anonymous said...

Not suspicious apparently.

Anonymous said...

Turner architect finally done the decent thing?

Anonymous said...

I doubt it 8.57, just some poor guy who couldn't take any more and in a moment of despair ended it all or perhaps just had a heart attack? May he rest in peace.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Finding a body on the beach is a bit of a shock especialy when it has been in the water a long time. I stumbled across the body of a 17 year old youth that had been in the sea for well other a week. I took interest in the inquest to show a bit of respect as I felt my actions showed at least someone cared for such a sad and tragic end for someone so young .
Sometimes when I walk along the beach in that area I sometimes remember him.
A week later later I faced death on a commercial fishing trip when the boat I was in was swamped and in danger of capsizing in nnw gale that came up from nowhere. All I kept thinking at the time was the body I found and now it was my turn.
The sea to me is always has that powerful mixture of tranquility ,harsness and tradegy. That is my link to the natural world and reality. Whats yours?

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that this can be the saddest time of the year for some people.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I'll never forget seeing an urn which had been washed up at Viking Bay in Broadstairs.

Seeing someone's ashes was a bit shocking. I was only 12 at the time.

Anonymous said...

A bit thoughtless of a family member to let their dearly departed float around in an urn. Maybe they did not understand a final wish to have ashes scattered over the sea and just launched urn complete with contents on its way.

Amy J. said...

As a follow up to this story the IOTG reported on Friday that the body was that of 56 year old Tony Frederick. Mr Frederick was homeless and had been so for ONE YEAR having left the Palace Hotel due to a drinking problem.

So Mr Frederick died huddled under a ramp on the seafront during last weekend's or monday's foul weather with strong cold NW winds and heavy rain. Given the nature of the weather and his condition as an alcoholic, he may well have died from hypothermia. If so, after a prolonged bout of shivering he would have passed into unconsciousness and then quietly died without any-one giving a moments thought about it.

I do not know how other readers feel about this but I feel so dreadfully ashamed.

Here we are in prosperous Britain, with Christmas parties and shopping in full swing and yet yards from all this prosperity,a 56 year old homeless man dies quietly on the wet sand of Margate Beach.

Who knew he was there? Our police? Our Social Services Department? Individual members of the public? Does anyone really care?

So have a Merry Christmas, if you can, after thinking for a moment about Tony Frederick. He is now at peace.

DrMoores said...

I couldn't agree more Amy, I was one of the first past as the Police arrived. It's a terrible thing. One real problem we have here as everywhere else is that we have a small number of people who fall outside of the social services system as a consequence of addiction and or mental illness. When I used to do my day a week working in the A&E unit of St George's we used to have a flood of such admissions on a Monday morning in winter weather like this week's - On the white board they would be described as "Acopic" unable to cope and frequently they would be backa again within a week!

What to do?!