Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Bloglist - Gone But Not Forgotten?

The Thanet Bloglist appears to have, well disappeared!

I have warned readers in the past about having their websites 'hijacked' by spam sites but this is the first time I've seen such a thing happen locally.

The Thanet Bloglist home page is now replaced by IP address which in turn goes to the website in the screenshot.

This all rather reminds me that I should be writing a column on ecrime, with the 2008 ecrime congress coming-up in March. With foolish talk on another thread about lecturing our Chinese guests to Thanet on their political and human rights record, I'm also reminded that I have to go Milan in April, to deliver a lecture on the energetic virtual conflict that we in the west are engaged with, in Cyberspace with our Chinese friends. It's all a little incongruous but brings a new and rather different meaning to the expression, 'China Gateway'.'


Michael Child said...

Simon it’s ok they are just changing their web hosting firm, oh well as long as they remember that name servers tend to be case conscious, DNS beware?

DrMoores said...

Safe and sound then.. very good. Ironically the best time to do this kind of hijack described is over a bank holiday as the criminals have time to do what they need to do.

I wrote a scenario based on this for one of the earlier ecrime congresses, where a popular site, which took credit cards, was cloned and "moved" somewhere else. Of course by the time the sites owners knew of this after the bank holiday, thousands of credit card numbers had been stolen.

In fact, the idea was so plausible at the time, the hi-tech crime unit decided to drop the scenario in case it was copied!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Micheal and Simon, lost me in the two comments above. If I click on thanetbloglist, I expect to get it, not some other site. Could you spell out exactly what has happened in non technical terms for the technically illiterates like my self!

DrMoores said...

On first glance, I suspected that the Bloglist website had been "hijacked" and pointed at another website by hackers. It happens alot these days.

However Michael corrected me by informing us that they are moving the blogsite domain to a new website hosting company. Best think of changing telephone numbers. So in the period of time it takes to make the switch, any attempts to reach out and touch the Thanet Bloglist ends up with the online equivalent of the old television "Test Card".

Hope that helps!?

Michael Child said...

The worst ecrime I have heard about so far was where a chap had his card details stolen and used on a child pornography site. He only managed to prove his innocence after he had had his life wrecked and lost his job, a scenario where someone used this method to climb the employment ladder would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Simon.

Anonymous said...


DR MOORES, if you take another look at Cllr Jean Fleaming's letter IN THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER you will see that she DID say she is from BIRCHINGTON PARISH unlike some district councillors who DO NOT always include their ward etc. It is time for you to say sorry to Cllr Jean Fleming,deputy leader of Independent Action (Birchington Parish)

Westgate supporter of IA

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Simon, you have got the Thanet equivalent of The Judean Peoples Front or was it Popular Peoples Front for Juadea on your back. Good luck!

DrMoores said...

Well, it's doing wonders for the web traffic with lots of new visitors and so I can't complain!

Now were "Thanet Independent Action" formerly the "Grey Party" and the "Thanet Independent Party" or were they, as you suggest, really a development of the "Thanet People's Party" or was that the "Popular Front for the Liberation of Thanet", I get confused each time the name changes!

DrMoores said...

I refer Charlie to my extended answer in the earlier post!

Anonymous said...

Dr Moores


"What bemuses me is that Mr or Mrs X, a “Parish Councillor for Y” are now starting to sign their names and use the title, “Councillor X” as if they were District or County Councillors for any one of the Thanet wards"

DR MOORES as I have already said, yesterdays(Friday)letter in the local newspaper from Councillor Jean Fleming did include the name of her parish 'Birchington Parish'.

It is now CLEAR that your claim that she was signing her name as if she were a district councillor was incorrect and that you used this to attack Mrs Fleming's credibilty because you have little or no respect for her democratic office.

This has been noted and will be forwarded to the Executive Committee of Independent Action.

Where are the high STANDARDS that you imply you have?

Maybe you would like to retract what you wrote about Jean Fleming?

I.A supporter
Westgate-on Sea

DrMoores said...

Do try and follow the plot Charlie! :>)

Councillors are bound by the Standards Code model code of conduct 2007 - see

Anonymous said...

Councillor Moores

would like to retract what you wrote about Mrs Jean Fleming?


grim reaper said...

Dear Charlie,
Did you get into local politics because the basket weaving class was full and you don't have the manual dexterity for knitting? It is quite cringe-making to see you try to formulate a post on this blog as you obviously don't understand a word of what has been said. You're on the wrong thread too!
Incidentally, the earth is not flat, nor do the planets revolve around it.
We're all dying to know what the executive is going to do about all this. Sounds to me that immediate action must be taken. A new resolution for immediate action from every man (or woman) to bring his (or her) grievances to the full executive committee of men (and women) so that all his (or her) problems may be resolved.
Signed and agreed by all men (and women) of the above mentioned sub-committee recommendation dept. Thanet Popular Front.

Anonymous said...


Councillor Dr Simon Moores,

It is there for everyone to see.

on Friday you claimed that the Independent Action Councillor (JEAN FLEMING) who wrote a letter in a local newspaper signed her name as if she were a district councillor.

Anyone who has a copy of that newspaper can look for themselves and see that you are totally WRONG.

The Independent Action Councillor (jean fleming) clearly stated that she is from BIRCHINGTON PARISH.

Now is your chance to show the residents that you are man enough to admit THAT YOU WERE WRONG.


Thanet Blog List said...

I thought we were talking about me here, and the post has been hijacked! ;)

Michael is right that I was just changing hosts, but everything is sorted now after a little delay with the nameservers.

Thankyou all for caring.

DrMoores said...

Good to see you Back Thanet BlogList. I think Charlie is finding posting comments on the correctthread a little challenging, so we have rather gone off on a tangent. Do feel free to contribute as its an interesting debate!

DrMoores said...

Thank you for using my ward title Charlie but it’s quite unnecessary if you take a quick look at the sidebar and the disclaimer, which show that any views expressed here are entirely personal and unrelated to any political or local government role unless I indicate to the contrary, which would involve me writing something like, “As ward councillor for….”

This leaves me, as a private citizen, passing comment on a matter of local importance; i.e. the Turner Contemporary and an allegation in Friday’s Thanet Gazette, from the deputy leader of Thanet Independent Action, in her formal capacity as a Parish Councillor, that Thanet District Council is planning a so-called “Turner Tax.” What evidence does she have for this?

Perhaps she could share it with all of us here, with perhaps a broader and more informed audience to judge than the Thanet Gazette?

I’ve already explained and others here appear to grasp, that many, if not the majority of people in Thanet, have very little idea of what a parish councillor is or does and the role that this involves in local government. In my opinion, its important to make this abundantly clear when dealing with the media, because I’m not sure that if you asked some of the the journalists on the Gazette, they could tell you either.

So, if you asked a man, let’s call him Mr Smith, in a Margate street what a “Councillor for Birchington Parish” was would he know or would he simply think the role was the same as a local ward councillor?

I think you know the answer and so if Mr Smith reads in the Gazette of a so-called “Turner Tax” or anything else from Cllr Fleming of “Birchington Parish”, would he believe that the argument held greater weight in truth than it in fact deserves?

It’s an interesting debate isn’t it and I’m sure that other readers will have their own opinions to share as well!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Moores,

it appears that you have now decided that Cllr Fleming did include the fact that she is on Birchington's PC and not Thanet's DC.

I am the President of Independent Action. As a member of Independent Action's executive committee I shall bring up some of the points that you have made me aware of at the next meeting.

We truely want the best for Thanet.


Anonymous said...

Dr Moore,

You can read my profile


Anonymous said...


Would you now be kind enough to correct Friday's post where it was said that Cllr Fleming signed her name as if she were on TDC rather than BPC?

Many thanks


DrMoores said...

"What bemuses me is that Mr or Mrs X, a “Parish Councillor for Y” are now starting to sign their names and use the title, “Councillor X” as if they were District or County Councillors for any one of the Thanet wards, which may provoke confusion in those who aren’t properly aware of the difference "

Charlie, firstly please underline in red ink where Cllr Fleming is mentioned by name and secondly tell me if "Birchington Parish" passes the "Mr Smith of Margate" test alluded to above...

grim reaper said...

Dear Charlie, or should I say "Reg". Top secret initiation rites for the Peoples Thanet Action Independant Action Front Popular Party and it says the following.
1. Stand up.
2. Sit down.
3. Chew piece of gum.
4. Stand up.
5. Try to walk while chewing gum.
6. Fall over.
7. Give secret handshake.
8. Spit out gum.
9. Stand up.
10. Walk unaided.

Initiates then become an official R-A-T-B-A-G. Rage Against Thanet Being Any Good.
It is also helpful for initiates to S-U-R-G-E. Suck Up Regularly to Gazette Editor.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't manage a link then!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! It seems the Thanet bloglist isn't the only site to be disappearing.

Anonymous said...

I started to read the comments as they applied to TBL but got waylaid into what seemed a strange disagreement. However I must state that Parish councillors have as much right ( and at times necessity) to use councillor x in exactly the same way as district and county, and, in fact, are addressed as such in correspondence from any council of any level. As to what parish councillors do - have you got a few hours?

Anonymous said...

Dr Moores, while you are rereading the Friday Gazette, I suggest you re-read the article about the Ursuline College as you seem to have selective memory!

The "rumours" on the earlier blog mention,

Redundancies YES

Deficit YES

Departmental Budgets frozen YES

That would appear to be three rumours confirmed, not one!

Before you start, I do not have an axe to grind with anyone, just a belief in truth! Something you seem to have a problem with!

What is left to take with a pinch of salt? The supposition that this somehow involves St.Angela's School.

However, in the IOTG article with the disappearing head, it mentions new buildings! Does not take a rocket scientist to 'summise' that with their history, a new building will 'probably' be in the front of the college where they had origionally planned the new science block, St.Ursula's, and that the 'old' St' angela's will incorporate the old buildings in the front!

Not rumour, just supposition, of course!

But you know the reality having been put into the loop don't you!

Time will of course tell!

DrMoores said...

You are making an obsessive picture of yourself 1:08 am (who clearly sits in front of a PC until the early hours).

We had a story on St Angela's school which you then populated with a number of allegations on the Ursuline. The tone of your comments made it very clear that you had an agenda of your own, so while I thank you with supplying us with the news, I'll also thank you if you'll stop dropping the Ursuline into the conversation at every opportunity and move on; that's if you can!?

If any further planning application is received, then I'm sure your sources will be vindicated but it's a large school, with old buildings so why should we be surprised?

ZumiWeb said...

Would now be a good time to suggest Simon takes Charlie for one of those flights towing a banner? Presumably the AirAds fleet include ejector seats?

Anonymous said...

I think he is reserving it for 1.08 as he has 'ejected' him already from another strand!

On a serious note, however, the news in IOTG was not good.

We have two very good secondary schools in Westgate, one a Specialist Sports College and the other rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. Specialist Schools get extra-funding and Ursuline has been over-subscribed and has a large 6th Form with extra-funding attached to 6th Form students. To then be in a financial muddle that has had to involve KCC and Cllr Chris Wells that leads to departmental budget cuts and teaching staff cuts is of serious concern.
I have heard that Ellington School has had problems of a similar nature, but caused by falling rolls due to the 'uncertainty' factor of its future and 'competiton' from the Marlowe Academy which then leads to less funding.

It seems to me that KCC, and the Governing Body and management at Ursuline need to make sure that in resolving the financial funding problems that have arisen, the very last thing that should be affected are the resources both material and human that are the primary means of delivering an education to our children i.e teaching material budgets and teachers. Those resources should be the very last things cut.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Most independants end up joining the Conservatives after a few elections. But reading some of the comments, two words come to mind. These two words put the fear of God into the political establishment in Thanet and frightens the living daylights out of anyone who does not clear up after their dog. Sorry to bring it up Simon, but it is the Liberal Democracts.

Anonymous said...

"If any further planning application is received, then I'm sure your sources will be vindicated but it's a large school, with old buildings so why should we be surprised?"

We should all be suprised, not you of course, if the new buildings at the Ursuline are at the expense of St.Angela's, a point which Doc you seem to be totally missing. Peolpe will stop obsessing when you start reporting things from the papers accurately!

Thanet Observer said...

Can 'Charlie' actually read?
The Title of this blog entry is... "A Bloglist - Gone But Not Forgotten?"
About the Thanet Blog List funnily enough.
But we got to comment No.7 and it all went horribly wrong, and it became a campaign to "FREE THE BIRCHINGTON ONE"

grim reaper said...

Nail 'em up I say
Nail some sense into them!

Anonymous said...

"WTF?" as they say. I was lost around a handfull of comments in. I though we were talking about eCrime and Internet fraud (in relation to the Thanet Blog List glitch during a server move)?

Did I blink and change site?

grim reaper said...

No, we all got together to try to confuse you! Shows how bored we were.