Friday, December 21, 2007

The Blogger Banner Winner!

Congratulations to Tony Flaig, who as part of a 'Blogger syndicate', with ECR, has won the Xmas aircraft banner message flight on eBay and with it, will be donating £150 to the NSPCC or the registered charity of his choice this Christmas, a wonderful gesture.

I'm waiting to hear what the message will be and weather permitting, plan to fly this around Thanet at lunchtime on Christmas Eve, making sure we sit over Westwood Cross and the town centres on the way.

Who will be taking the complimentary co-pilot's seat I don't know but he or she needs to be happy with extreme roller-coaster rides. To understand what I mean, this is what's involved:

Update: Having spoken with Tony Flaig, he's agreed with ECR to put the co-pilot's place back on bid to see if we can raise a little more money for the NSPCC. I have spoken with KMFM 107.2 and they have kindly agreed to promote it over the next forty-eight hours, so here's your chance to bid for the flight or even "fright" of your life in a good cause for Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately, eBay won't let me put a listing on for less than three days, so I'm accepting the highest sealed bid by email to by 5pm on Sunday! Please leave a contact phone number together with your name if you bid.

Please note: The winner is subject to a maximum weight restriction of 85 kilos be over 18 years of age and must not suffer from any reportable medical condition.


Eastcliff Richard said...

We're hoping the banner will read MERRY XMAS FROM THANET BLOGGERS, which I believe fits in with your character limit.

I think Tony's over your 85kg weight limit, and I'm a purely fictional persona, so we're happy for the seat to be auctioned off for more charity wonga.

And thanks for contributing your time, resources, fuel etc.

Merry Christmas from the non-Tory south of the island!

DrMoores said...

Very good and thank you for your kind support for a good cause. I have spoken with KMFM 107.2 and they have kindly agreed to help promote it. The eBay limitation, three days minimum, does make things a little more complex than I would like but I hope it works as a sealed bid exercise.

Anonymous said...

With all this bally 'bonhommie'going on, it must be Christmas! Well done blogsite editors!