Sunday, December 23, 2007

And the Winner is..!

Congratulations to Paul Nettleingham of the Sleep Centre who placed the highest bid, £75 (for the NSPCC) to have his partner, Lynn, act as my co-pilot on tomorrow's charity banner flight over Thanet.

Hopefully, this will take place just after midday (fog and weather permitting) and Big News Margate Blogger, Tony Flaig, will also be coming along to help as ground crew to lay out the banner for the pickup. Perhaps I can persuade him to video the exercise?

Should you be at Westwood Cross or any of the Thanet towns, please wave and perhaps think of sending in your own contribution to the NSPCC. I even had a cheque from the "Irritating Bloke", who while temporarily banned from Thanet Life, obviously has his heart in the right place. I suppose I had better "un-ban" him but please. No more long stories about the police and the IRA or I'll have to switch you off again!

If you want to send in a donation to add to the modestly growing balance, you can always send a cheque to me, made out to "The NSPCC registered Charity", to the address on the Airads website.

This afternoon I foolishly venture-out to Westwood Cross. On a motorcycle at least I managed to get there and back but for anyone trying the same in a car it must have been awful. Absolute gridlock along the Margate Road.

Mind you, while we all complain about having it, lots of us seem to like it and just imagine the journey to Canterbury! - Now if we can only sort the roads out with a little help from KCC!


tony flaig bignews said...

Well done Simon, hope the weathers OK tomorrow.

anon again! said...

anon again!
I went to Canterbury, there were no traffic jams and even some parking spaces, and the shops were more varied and with the exception of M&S food department were all rather civilised. I filled my car for 99.9p a liter and got it washed for a fiver on the way home.
Which all made me happier that I didn't have to be a part of Westwood Angry Corner.
I hope the weather clears for your flight today, seem's ok just now @ 6.40 AM. If you fly over Canterbury too, you might see even more Thanetians there.
Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

Saddlesore said...

Two days running I have cycled to Westwood Cross from Westgate to beat the traffic, most of it via bridleways. That said I am somewhat saddlesore but I can now do a good John Wayne impersonation.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'll be on Ramsgate front pointing my SAM, er, long lens at you!

ZumiWeb said...

We went for a cup of tea at the harbour specially just so we could catch this historic flight - which we did - she-who-must-not-wait-too-long-in-the-cold-for-pointless-things was reasonably tolerant, and my camera went on strike, so I missed the shot, but got the message. Well done Simon, ECR, and Tony and festive greetings back at y'all.

Michael Child said...

Look at the Westwood Cross problem from the other side for a moment Simon, in many other towns and shopping centres the roads and car parks exist so that the people who want to get to the shops can i.e. pretty much everyone who wants to get to Marks and Spensive can so that M&S takings represent the population of the area.

It looks to me as though WC is heading for the worst possible outcome for Thanet, because of the infrastructure it seems highly probable that the businesses will not have enough footfall to survive, especially with an economic squeeze on the cards.

As far as the town centres go you don’t have look far to see what the impact of WC has been on them, so there is a fairly good chance that we will end up with the three main shopping centres in Thanet not really being viable.

DrMoores said...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Michael Child said...

Happy Christmas to you too Simon in the end I wrote something pretty dark on my own blog, as not many people look at it, because Christmas is also important.