Saturday, November 10, 2007

Politics on Sunday - The Turner Contemporary

A note for your viewing diaries this Sunday. The BBC 'Politics Show' at 12:10 on BBC One will be looking at the "Towner Gallery" in Eastbourne and the Turner Contemporary in Margate.

The programme asks: "Should the government or the councils be putting money into art? Is Art the saviour or the region's coastal towns?"

You can text or email your views to : 07786 209252 or

Thanks to Michael Child for the attached photo from 1897. I cycled to Minnis Bay this afternoon and was surprised to see how much damage had actually been done by yesterday's tide. Lots of broken concrete and bent signposts. Looks like a number of the 'Doggie-waste- bins have floated out to sea as well!


Tony Beachcomber said...

The postcard is of the Jetty taken on the 25th November 1877.The damage to the Jetty entrance was caused by the wreck of the coaster "Charles Davenport" driven ashore by the storm.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

1. There is no money at TDC for such schemes.
2. Government money is our money.
3. What infastructure is there in place for the Turner centre?