Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lets Move to Broadstairs

While Margate is in the news today, for all the wrong reasons, so, strangely enough is Broadstairs but with something a little more encouraging from The Guardian in its story, 'Let's Move to Broadstairs.'

The newspaper reports: ""But aren't we bleeding Guardian types bringing to Broadstairs prosperity, rising house prices and the newspaper's famous political tolerance"?

Apparently, "Life being slowly leeched out of it, and Ramsgate and Margate, by the vile (but jolly handy) Westwood Cross shopping centre" and " It can take 30 minutes to walk up the High Street because you have to stop and greet friends from the local community."

There's more of course, so read on.


Eastcliff Richard said...

And which word connects Boredstares and The Guardian? Begins with an S and has an M, U and G in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Nice article and good for Thanet but how correct it is concerning the pernicious effect of that 'horror' called Westwood. How a misguided TDC pandered to big-business and in the process killed off Margate; Ramsgate has its harbour and Broadstairs is still quaint and both are withstanding the pressure. Margate town centre now resembles the worst run down areas of Glasgow in the 70s.

Ken Gregory said...

anonymous of 2 17, The reason Margate town centre is run down is that the people prefer to shop elsewhere, ie Westwood Cross or Broadstairs or Ramsgate or Bluewater etc.

There was no pandering to 'Big Business' People were already 'leaking £100m a year else where. I drove through Westwood today and saw thousands of shoppers who are voting with their footfall(or cars).

My experience is that customer service has improved since the arrival of Westwood. Shame that those traders in thanet who are now suffering did not improve before. (I do exclude the minority that were , and still are, excellant).

In a rare admission for a politician,(only a joke) I will admit to prefering to do my monthly shop at a one stop destination and not having to go in and out of several shops.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ken. Margate High Street for one has never been somewhere I ever wanted to shop. When it was busy still in the 1980s choice was limited, streets were dirty, shops were tired looking, it was depressing. WWX has been a breath of frsh air and a Godsend to this area (despite traffic issues.) On the matter of traffic its actually no worse than when I lived in London in the early 1990s.

Tony Beachcomber said...

I agree with Ken G that the 100m leakage from our local economy had to be stopped and the centre island iniative does provide a solution. I just concerned that the brains behind the centre island iniative cannot come up with a solution for Margate. Or could it be that the impact on Margate has been abandoned.

Anonymous said...

I thought the “bum numbing, bone shaking” two hour train ride was pushing it a bit. I do that journey quite often, and the trains these days are quiet and comfortable (albeit invariably packed on the return journey). I can’t argue with the two hours though (it’s actually possible to take 2 hours 45). I also disagree that it’s having life leeched out of it by Westwood Cross. How many vacant shops are there?

Cllr Ewen Cameron

Anonymous said...

I was reliably informed our councillors currently visiting China were actually discussing the new congestion charges in the zone to be created around Westwood, extending from the Ramsgate Viaduct to Victoria traffic lights Margate and St Peters to Haine roundabout.
This should encourage shoppers back to our town centres if the larger retailers would return to our high streets, also with more Chinese take-aways.
It is understood taggers or graffiti artists are being recruited to paint the big C’s on the Westwood approach roads, as this can only be done after dark when the roads are quiet.

Anonymous said...

So KEN and others, how do the multi-national chains that have set up in Westwood re-circulate their money in Thanet? Other than p/t employment(that was already available in margate) what other benefits do we have. Do they use local electricians, builders and shop-fitters? Do our local garages service their vehicles or do they fill up at local garages(the handful that remain)? We hand-over our money and it leaves the Isle; that is the reality and most of you know it.

Mr Friday said...

To be honest both Margate and Ramsgate town centres are complete embarrassments. I went into Ramsgate recently and didn't know what was worse - the state of the town or the state of the people. Horrific.

You can understand why people go to Westwood X - even though it often takes me over 20 minutes to travel less than a mile to get there.