Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's Beautiful - Vive La Difference!

So what's your view on the new Eurostar poster promoting London. A great many people are outraged but if travel companies are going into 'Reality' posters, Lord knows what horrors they would come-up with for Britain's other cities?

Best not thought about in any great detail as we reach the judging stage of the "Thanet is Beautiful" photo competition!

You can see the finalists' excellent work and vote for the winner by following this link. Please join in the vote if you can.


Eastcliff Richard said...

Now there's a chap who aims to please!

Anonymous said...

You couldn't epitomise English yob culture better! I suspect it is a dastardly plot by the French who are notorious for encouraging 'holidaying at home'by their citizens and this poster would put some off their aim to visit London.

Nethercourt said...

Despicable! If only we had a gunboat.
No more French Onion soup for me!

Anonymous said...

NHS free treatment,for Polish immigrant, rules out prostate disease.

Anonymous said...

Kent Police armed support officer, irked at criticism of his marksmanship, tries out prosthetic improvement.

Anonymous said...

Bald headed pregnant English woman exercises her antient rights.

Anonymous said...

Magistrates refuse to accept "It was a tiddly winks slo mo" explanation for photographic evidence.

Anonymous said...

Eastcliff Richard gets wrong end of stick about US serviceman urinating in a makeshift potty.

(GI PO ??)

Tony Beachcomber said...

It could be worse, one lump or two.

Squonk said...

Family thrown off Greek island for failing to act as ‘typical English tourists’
A working class family from Essex was deported from the Greek Island of Corfu last night amid claims that they had failed to live up to the tawdry reputation of British holidaymakers there.

Bricklayer John Dobbs, his wife Debbie and their three sons were moved to four different hotels before being asked to leave after they repeatedly appeared pleasant, respectful and friendly to locals and fellow tourists.

Island police say they received complaints about the family alleging they were polite to the hotel staff, controlled their children and didn’t drink excessively. They even supposedly went up in the hills to visit local landmarks and religious statues, where Mr Dobbs was overheard explaining; ‘That’s a statue of Athena, son, the Goddess of posters. And this one is Socrates, who invented the triangle…’ The police decided to take action after local waiting staff complained that the family seemed simply incapable of referring to them en masse as ‘Stavros’.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook said they hadn’t initially suspected the Dobbs family to be troublemakers. ‘Mr Dobbs certainly looked the part – he had the bald head, the tattoos, the paunch, you name it. Mrs Dobbs too fitted the profile of our typical tourist clientele, with Argos jewellery, replica Hermes handbag and a small, and in no way sexy, dolphin tattoo on her shoulder. The kids were dressed in standard issue England football tops, one of them even believed to be official FA merchandise.’

But then it all started to get nasty the next day when there were complaints from fellow holidaymakers that the family were attempting a bit of Greek and enquiring about local delicacies when ordering food in restaurants and not just looking at the pictures on the menu and pointing. They were moved to different hotels for their own safety but the same problem arose. Eventually the tour operator had no choice but to send them home.

Mr Dobbs, 37, back in Romford last night, was puzzled by the deportation, claiming that the authorities overreacted. ‘We were treated like animals. As we were led out of the hotel, the other families cheered, with one woman calling me a disgrace and saying I should be ashamed to be British.’

The charter airline that flew the Dobbs family home revealed that the family also upset fellow passengers by failing to clap when the plane touched down.

Anonymous said...

Tony (a man in touch with Thanet realities) here is oen I wrote for your enjoyment:

Police surgeons determione on uri8ne testing to detect anabolic steroid abuse in police.

Thanet officers misunderstand Police Federation advice to distance themselves from the procedure.

That officers exlained that they were told they could do it over an extra tea break.

Anonymous said...

MI5 officer, at conference on Zero Tolerance and Intelligence Led policing, became exasperated at inability of police to grasp the concept of being overwhelmed by disinformation.

In a final attempt to make his point the MI5 man urinated in a Thanet Police Chief's cup.

"Call that p-ss information then, your cup is overflowing but would you drink the contents as tea ?"

"I failed all my exam,s at school", replied the officer, "But even I never peed in the beakers at lunch time"

"How to illustrate an ad hominem response" mused the MI5 man.

"Don't start all that", replied the Thanet officer, "We already been criticised for homophobia by an HMI investigation into Thanet area policing"

Anonymous said...

Thanet police fail innovative customer care course.

Anonymous said...

Thanet police dog handler teaches his German Shepherd a new trick.

Anonymous said...

If Squonk's erudite contribution above were about Gypsies who live in council houses (AKA gippos) and not about perceptions of archetypal Englishness would Eastcliff Richard be threatening Cllr Moores with complaint to the Standards Board ?

Anonymous said...

London fireman trialling emergency water supply reserve.