Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Give Generously

Quite apart from the surprise letter from the Inland Revenue on Saturday, apologising for the loss of both your personal and financial information you may well receive a second letter from the Labour Party, offering to return the handsome donation, made in your name to deputy leader Harriet Harman or unknown other members of the front-bench team in the past.

Thanks to a Sky News investigation, office-worker and loyal party-member, Mrs Numismatist of Margate, discovered that in an uncharacteristic and absent-minded fit of generosity, she had donated £10,000 to a needy member of the Cabinet and she was delighted to be informed that the money was to be returned in the same brown manilla envelope with her name and address, written clearly on the back.

Asked what prompted such a sizeable donation to a political party, Mrs Numismatist replied that she couldn't remember but that she thought that she might have done it several times!

Ed: Can truth be stranger than fiction? You tell me?!


Anonymous said...

The beginning of Blair's New Labour Government witnessed the 'Bernie Ecclestone - Have Yoor Money Back!" debacle and it's interesting that Buggins Brown has an almost identical problem of dodgy money at the start of his tenure! Watch the spin reach 1000+ rpm over the next few days.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure there is a perfectly innocent explanation for all these lies and acts of deception.

Tony Beachcomber said...

As I am writing I wonder what Lord Ashcroft and especially some of these industrial groups are thinking at the moment.
Of course this is a serious matter and no doubt it will be dealt with, I expect the Concervatives will try to taint the innocent as usual in the usual style.
At present the Conservatives are getting exceptionaly cocky and in some cases smug. Remember one thing the Conservatives lost TDC in 1995 because they got themselves in a situation they could not get out of the same happened with central government in 1997. The situation the government is in at present can be rectified and it will be a level playing field again.
The real test in polictics and who will win the next election will be how central and local goverment will handle the predicted downturn in the world economy due to the actions of American capitalism again.
The rest is just playing politics, Myself personaly I will keep donating to the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Doubtless this will all be rectified when the tax payer funds political parties! This whole debacle is quite satisfying given the hypocrisy of nuLabour and their claims to have ended sleaze in British politics. Mr Abrahams claims he didn't know that what he was doing was wrong. Well I'm afraid that doesn't wash. I feel we are witnessing the end game for the nuLabour project. The tragedy is they have wrecked Britain and I doubt very much whether the damage will be undone.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no way would I agree with the taxpayer funding political parties, especially in light of the Government's lack of spending on defence. (I've heard their arguments, they don't stack up too). Its as if the Government are embarrassed about war. They expected us to fight with next to nothing in 1939. The Tories were just as bad, we had to borrow and scrape for equipment to fight in the South Atlantic. You people who want to be politicians, you can find a way to pay for it. We the tax payer have to bail out Northern Rock, that will not go away, the debt will hang around for years. Why didn't anyone bail me out when I had financial problems? Because I can stand on my own and turn a problem around but a bank can't? The rest of us seem to get by okay without Politicians much as Belgium did for three months this year when after elections it was still without a Government....in fact I'm unsure if one has even be instigated yet.

Anonymous said...

Surprise letter? What surprise letter? I haven't had mine yet! Perhaps it's been lost in the post! Jammy Dodger, Birchington

Michael Child said...

The problem with political parties being funded by the wealthy is that the wealthy expect something in return. Mostly the wealthy represent the interests of big business that ultimately want us completely in their hands. By that I mean employ us, sell us everything we require, charge us for every leisure facility and borrow our surplus money from us to lend to us at a profit. At the moment no party can easily say no to a lobbyist that funds their ability to get elected in the first place.

Anonymous said...

But Tony can you eat a fruit pastille without chewing and do you know who Thanet's own superhero "Anagram Man" is ?

The problem the tories have with this thread topic is that it is reasonable, on the basis of questioning their qualifications to mount criticism, to engage in a bout of "Whataboutery".

I suspect you are ahead of me here.

What was it the Judge allegedly read out to jury in the Mortlock v Maison libel trial of 1998 ?

I was told that the Judge ALWAYS checked the back of evidential original documents. If my information is correct the respondent (found guilty of libel) Maison, representing himself, had not checked the reverse side of original documents.

Allegedly on the reverse side of a North Thanet tory document there was a contemperaneous note which had been insisted on by Margaret Mortlock at the time of a meeting. This note allegedly detailed the who and the whyfore of a sum of money said to be missing from Association Funds and was evidence of Mrs Mortlock's propriety in public life.

I am told that Maison was heard to say "Gulp". And it was he who gave the Judge the document !!

Don't get me started on "Country membership" of a Thanet masonic lodge (meaning the mason councillor concerned was serving time at HM pleasure) and the situation in which TDC's Mr Borley argues that membership of Freemasonry is an exception to the disclosue of interests rule at TDC.

Specks and planks Tony. Merry Christmas.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Merry Christmas to you also annon 3:15 even though it is still November.

How good is your memory, can you remember what year around the 1980's in Thanet when someone applied to build houses on the Nash Road site near Salmestone Grange for the first time. It was alleged at the same time a certain political party received a donation. I know at least one was refused.
I think I will also throw that one out also to the other bloggers.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Michael 2:56, when I joined the Labour Party in Margate in 1983 it was Jumble Sales and Tote cards then. Do you think history will repeat itself.