Friday, November 09, 2007

The Chinese Way

While Thanet is sending a delegation to China later next week for further talks leading towards potential development on the Manston Business Park, Tony Blair, remember him, has come under fire in the Chinese media for charging approximately £200,000 for a single speech - and reportedly not a good one at that in the industrial city of Dongguan.

With perhaps a more productive purpose in mind - possibly up to 1,000 jobs over time - and with the entire cost of the visit being met by the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the Thanet delegation, which departs on November 18th, includes Leader of the Council, Sandy Ezekiel, Deputy Leader Roger Latchford, Chief Executive Richard Samuel, and Corporate Director, John Bunnett. They will be meeting with Chinamex, the government agency responsible for Chinese companies setting up in the West, as well as meeting company Chairman Heng Fao.

In May, the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) signed an agreement with the China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Co-operation (CEATAC) for the establishment of a Sino-UK Economic and Trade Interactive Platform to facilitate growth of business between to the two countries.

In September , Thanet District Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Baotou City to establish a research and development, manufacturing and distribution centre in Thanet. The Memorandum was signed jointly by Vice Mayor Wang Bo and Cllr Ezekiel.


Anonymous said...

how much is this trip going to cost how is it going to be funded and how long will the trip last
and why so many people going Just four questions to start with

In this day and age why aren't these meetings held via video link which would help reduce carbon emissions.

will the council be offsetting their carbon footprint?

Anonymous said...

Truly now are the Fat Cats of TDC in the First Class Seats on the International Gravy Train.
AT least it seems we as taxpayers are not directly paying for this outing, at least not yet, who knows in the long term?
What do we really have in Thanet which would be of interest to China?
Technological advancement?
We're not exactly Silicon Valley are we?
A cheap labour force - yes but not as cheap as China's

So why do the Chinese want to liase with us?

You can be sure it won't be to Thanet's long term benefit.

Anonymous said...

I see you have mentioned Tony Blairs fee for speaking You fail to mention your shadow foreign sec who's still a mp and get all the allowances still charges a fortune for after dinner speaking tv deals paper deals etc etc etc even Ann widdercombe is now advertising pasta on tv..........

DrMoores said...

I didn't know Anne Widdercombe was is China or charging £200k. Otherwise the Tony Blair connection acts as light continuity. Would you expect anything more from him. Apparently his last speech netted £300k so I guess I'm envious!

Fat Cats? Carbon emissions? Get a life! - It's a gruelling schedule, paid for by the Chinese who are showing strong interest in investing in Thanet - a production facility - with all the right people present to reach an agreement. Just be pleased that it may be happening for the sake of local economic prosperity. Unless of course you are bright and entrepreneurial enough to suggest something more profitable?

Anonymous said...

It should not be hard to understand - even for a Sandy crony - that we, as counciltaxpayers to KCC and TDC, have less than 100% confidence in these projects which seem illconceived and badly thoughtout.
After all we have Manston Airport, Eujet, Transatlantic flights to Norfolk Virginia, Turner Centre, Margate Old Town, Regeneration generally, to remind us of the expensive failures.

TDC are getting involved with international projects but cannot even provide adequate refuse collection facilities in its areas of most need - those darned big bins in Cliftonville West - an area of course not of interest to Conservative Cllrs, as it is full of Labour voters and untermensch.

Anonymous said...

so will the chinese be paying all their personnel expenses aswell food etc or will that be coming out of their own pocket or taxpayers pocket?

Anonymous said...

It is sad that we hear a chorus of moans from those who support a party that wastes money by the £billions. I cannot remember the NAO being so critical of a Government before in regard to so many of its 'initiatives'(Health, schools, prisons, drugs, housing)unless we go back to the 1950s and the ill fated 'Groundnut Scheme' (coincidentally also from a Labour Government) I personally am delighted that TDC councillors are off to attract big business to the Isle. Together with the Glasshouses (Thanet Earth) and a Chinese built factory,there will be plenty of jobs available to our Eastern European friends who abound in Thanet. It is good that TDC is following the lead from its central Labour Government to create jobs for immigrants whilst keeping the unemployed and work-shy in the manner to which they have become accustomed at the tax-payers' expense.

DrMoores said...

Manston Airport, Eujet, - Private company - Transatlantic flights to Norfolk Virginia - KCC, Turner Centre - Arts Council Money for Thanet - Margate "Old Town", Regeneration - in progress and doing well if you go and look -

Any more complaints?

Mr Friday said...

For someone who is usually quick to point out TDC's incompetence I really hope the trip is successful and brings in the sort of sustainable regeneration the area desperately needs.

In a way of balancing that point out though I won't stop banging on about using the airport for Housing Development and building the new Thanet College on the site but I guess you would have expected that Dr M !!!

Anonymous said...

Sad to scroll down here and see people still whinging about having to pay indirectly for costs not met i.e. cost of time. I notice the same people aren't on here with ideas of their own on how to realistic regenerate the area without harking on about the good ol' days (very boring). Seems the Chinese fortunately lack the apathy where it is plenty with some of our locals. Our own sea port, airport and business park is a good start for the Chinese. Get over yourselves people and grow up.

Anonymous said...

One Sunday morning a few years ago I was walking in Hardres Street Ramsgate.

I engaged in conversation with some lost visitors.

French industrialists who were confused to find no prospective industrial estate at the former Ramsgate Hospital.

I made the obvious first inquiry.

"Are you reliant on information from Thanet District Council"

Aha. Diagnosis complete. They had made a prospective industrial investment visit to Thanet. Had moseyed as directed to the closed Ramsgate Hospital.

Simple then to direct them to Haine Hospital ?


They had a Margate tourist Information (courtesy TDC) booklet
which informed them that Haine Hospital was the area's A and E !!

No I explained ... Haine is not the areas main hospital. This is a further example of Thanet Council information services.

I was asked for the history of Haine and happed to mention the controversy of whether TDC (not helpful to their cause that they had already misinformed twice) had checked the right lifeboat records to determine if shipwrecked seamen suffering anthrax were buried circa 1912 at Haine (then the isolation hospital) after rescue by Margate lifeboat. Was this properly resolved before Westwood Cross development ?

Fruits de mer !!

The route out of Thanet s'il vous plait ?

And off they went.

Then there is the story of the head of tourism and leisure who allagedly did not read grant information sent from SEEDA. When the SEEDA man called he was allegedly told that the TDC head had not read the info as he was waiting for the SEEDAman to arrive and read and explain it to him !!

Allegedly Thanet missed out on quite a grants package.

Whether this was the same head of dept of TDC who was subject of questions as to his membership of 6th Thanet Rifle Club in the context of TDC failing to enforce noise nuisance and planning law I wonder.

I also wonder if, following the Standards Cttee sitting without actually being given the case file (something the TDC solicitor accepts happened) this would be the head of dept who subsequently allegedly took fifty grand severance and a pension of 25 grand per year ?

Hope for the best, re the Chinese venture, but don't hold yer breath waiting eh ?

Anonymous said...

French Industrialist whispers thus began ?

How will the Chinese whispers fare ?

DrMoores said...

9:04 - you sad and tortured individual. When will you understand that you are neither invited nor permitted to use this weblog for your own personal campaign in regards to a constant stream of rubbish in regard to the bombing of Deal Barracks?

I have deleted your comment - as usual (part shown below) now just GO AWAY and don't come back!

"Also seeking to expedite Mr Straws response was Sir Ronnie Flanagan's office at the RUC. Largely because whilst Straw was refusing to compel inquiry David Phillips Chief constable of Kent had been deployed on the Rosemary Nelson Decd case in Ulster. To investigate collusion between Security Services and paramilitaries"

Mr Friday said...

I must be the only person in Thanet who hasn't heard the conspiracy theory about Deal Barracks and the IRA.

Not that I am that interested mind......

Anonymous said...

I am more interested in the conspiracy theory about why Margate Pizza Hut has closed down - can it be a conspiracy between Domino's Pizza and the Mafia?
Or maybe just a reflection on business and low numbers of customers generally in the High St, regeneration not withstanding.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I support Westwood Cross I can't be the only one who wanted to visit one of the supermarkets there today (Saturday) and instead headed to Tescos in Cliftonville to do my shopping. Traffic was rather heavy all around the area. If the roads aren't improved we may see an equalisation with people drifting back to the High Streets for at least a weekly top-up. Other Tescos shops are in Broadstairs High Street, Northdown Road and Manston Road. If Tescos isn't your thing visit the High Streets for fruit & veg or farm shops.

Mr Friday said...

Traffic for Westwood Cross was stacked down Margate Road as far as the Viaduct today - a complete nightmare. Traffic was also stacked back into St Peters.

Mind you, TDC are widening Star Lane and everyone will start using the bus to go up there soon so that will solve all of the traffic problems no doubt ;-))