Friday, October 12, 2007

Tax and Spend

In case you wondered why you receive less public services in return for higher community charges, the map below says it all. And if you live in the South-east, as we do, then there's worse to come. You may have read this week that government owes Kent County Council £7 million for taking more than its fair share of child refugees. It appears that government has little intention of repaying the debt, which is likely to lead in service cuts on our side of the so-called 'North-south divide'.

The latest analysis of government spending shows that the South-East provided £15.1 billion more in taxes than was spent in the region.

Similarly, eastern areas of England contributed £5.1 billion they did not see back from the Treasury.

For each man, woman and child in the South-East, £9,397 was taken in taxes. But they each got back £7,544 in public spending - £1,853 less.

In the Labour-dominated North-East, public spending provided each individual with £3,133 more in services than was paid in taxes.

On the radio, yesterday, I heard Thanet North MP, Roger Gale challenge Thanet South MP, Dr Stephen Ladyman to a by-election in Thanet. Gale is happy to resign and stand again in a test of public opinion if Ladyman does the same. Somehow, I doubt the latter will take him up on the challenge!


James Maskell said...

Werre pretty much going the way of an MP for Thanet. Not likely for a while yet though.

Anonymous said...

Move North and stop whinging.

We moved to South Wales in 88. I went on a no overtime contract at Llanwern steelworks. Got about 350 quid a week. My basic at Petbow Thanet (electrician)had been 127 quid a week.

I mentioned at tea break at llanwern how good the money in wales was ... and the Welsh lads went ape. It was the lowest they had earned in 15 years !! (No wonder they all had two cars and a caravan).

I went on to Port Talbot on the cold mill transfer rolling project and earnt 736 quid a week. 1990.

At that time I was contacted by a Thanet lad who had been on the same HNC course with me at Canterbury in the 70s. He had contacted every one else on the Canterbury course and I was the last one involved in any form of engineering. Not using HNC knowledge ... just hauling in armoured cable and wiring up.

The irony is that the Welsh, Scots and Northerners genuinely believe that the South East is rich and privileged.

There are about 800 job vacancies a week advertised in Stoke on Trent. Why don't unemployed Thanet people move to find work ?

What was it the London cabbie said ? "Oh Thanet ... aint that where they are all giro munchers who do damn all cept moan about their council"

Thanet, with its numbers on benefits, is not a net contributor to the economy.

Anonymous said...

What does James Maskell mean ? Am I missing something ?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ladyman won't take up the challenge because he has too much to lose. Talk about chicken ! He knows only too well how much time he has spent in the constituency and he must also know that Laura Sandys is a real threat to him. He desperately needs the next two years to actually BE an MP and to show his voters that he can be available. A leopard doesn't change it's spots. I wonder if the yellow streak down Ladyman's back itches !

Anonymous said...

This is how I feel with Thanet and my council tax. I pay almost £200 a month and cannot take my children accross the road to the beach because it is so dirty. Yet I have to contribute to clean up projects in Cliftonville.

Anonymous said...

In the good old days we talked about jobbery and bribery and corruption. Now we have Blair's and Bottle Brown's Government spending money collected in the so called affluent South to 're-distribute' to the cloth cap brigade 'oop North'. It may have something to do with buying the votes of the Labour heartlands?

Anonymous said...

So lets get this right,,Roger 'Bandwagon' Gale want them both to resign and fight a by-election, firstly that will create TWO by-elections, mmm,, secondly you cant just resign and fight a by-election, thirdly they would both have to apply for The Chiltern Hundreds and you cant stand for Parliament when are the Custodian of The Chiltern Hundreds. Fourthly of course where would they fight it South or North ?
As for Laura Sandys who apart from herself, Roger Gale and those who follow the local political scene have heard of her ? Mind you to give her credit she has learnt fast from Roger,,turn up, have picture taken, disappear.

Cllr Mike Harrison.

Anonymous said...

So lets get this right. You must be that same Cllr Harrison who is so concerned about the timing of lying letters rather than the lies contained in them.(Cliftonville Cleanup)
Obviously a fast learner from the masters of spin and deception at Number 10. Can't believe you're wingeing about elections etc or doesn't the kicking your dear leader is getting convince you that you've all been shown for what you really are!!

Anonymous said...

One of Bottle Brown's gang and probably thought his party's less than honest actions claiming credit for the Cliftoville cleanup had been forgotten. No they haven't mate!
We remember and we vote!