Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Police Seek Armed Smoker

You may recall we ran this story a week or so ago. the mugger with a poor taste in clothes, but now the Police have come up with a CCTV photo, which I have cleaned-up for them. There aren't that many people in Ramsgate who will fit his description, so keep an eye out for him, particularly if you happen to be anywhere near a bookmakers!

Detectives would like to talk to this man in connection with a robbery (or even worse, smoking in a public place) in which a man had £200 winnings from a bookmaker’s stolen.

The 46-year-old victim was threatened by a man in Alexandra Road, Ramsgate.

The offender is described as being in his mid 30s, Afro-Caribbean and wearing a purple and white striped shirt and black trousers.

During the robbery he searched the victim's pockets until he found the money.

It is believed the offender, who had been spotted in the Coral bookmakers in King Street, Ramsgate, earlier then ran off down Alexandra Road, St Lukes Avenue and headed towards Boundary Park.

The robbery happened just after 3pm on Tuesday, September 25. Det Con Clare Walker on 01843 222071 would like to hear from any witnesses or anyone with information.


Anonymous said...

I am concerned that Coral's staff did not challenge this individual in respect of his smoking. A policeman once told me that his Super instructed his officers to always take an interest in cars without blue badges parked in disabled parking bays as the average felon has a complete disregard for the accepted rules of society. This guy if challenged and removed from site may not have spotted his future victim collecting winnings and robbery would perhaps have been prevented on 'health' grounds.

Anonymous said...

I bet the police are happy "you cleaned up the picture for them" did you also clean up the picture that kent on-line have issued as it looks the same as on your blog site?

DrMoores said...

Correct, same mugshot but sharpened and tone enhanced from the original.

Originally he was blonde with blue eyes!